Yes, I took a picture from IndyCar’s site because I’m fucking petty.

Yee motherfucking haw !!!!!!!!!!! It’s finally America’s turn to host a GP, and the new influx of American fans has plenty of time to nurture their hangovers because we see the race for a reasonable toooooooooiiiiiiiiiiime! I’m sure this race will be very uuuuuuuummmmmmm American and I’m already embarrassed, but at least I got some sleep. And Danica Patrick is here, yes I understand she’s a popular figure in American motorsport, but she’s actually so disgusting to comment and interview

[Spoiler (click to open)]

As always a summary from The Moving Bricks

1st place

2nd place and 3rd place

I just want them to have cowboy hats for this weekend

An insane summary of me:

– Here’s our number for today

– It may be this largest crowd on COTA since 2012 – thank you very much, Netflix.
– During FP3, a crack was found in the rear wing of Verstappen’s car
– Many drivers take new PUs, including Alonso, Vettel and Russell, referring them to the back of the net. And Lewis will need another ICE (internal combustion engine), but Mercedes really needs to plan when he will take it very soon, as a possible ICE puts a five-point net penalty in
– there are many celebrities there, but the only one who counts is Will Ferrell, and if he is not there, everyone else must put it on
– Surprisingly, Stroll was knocked out of the 1st quarter, he is usually quite solid in qualifying, while Vettel finished as 10th – maybe another PU is needed
– This is an amazing circuit, literally built on a damn swamp
– Yuki took a great turn in the 2nd quarter and briefly knocked out Esteban Ocon
– George Russell’s lap time was deleted at the last second for exceeding track boundaries.
– In the 3rd quarter, Moody Stroopwafel has a short second preliminary rod, but then he was BLOCKED by his teammate and went fastest
– there was some rain in the pit lane, Q3 ended, so they were very close
-We get a 1,2,1,2 or RB and Merc —- BUT UP forgot, Bottas has another penalty because he got an ICE, so yes.

Here is the grid for today:

Like … will they make a prayer like in IndyCar and NASCAR?

If you’re wondering – yes, they do. Also bow your head at the OP’s Grand Prix prayer, your regular Gentiles!

Dear Lawd,

Do not let our countrymen be terrible,
and steer us away from congestion on funnel cake and grill,
Please let Formula 1 know they are committing the devil’s work but do not have an American online
Yes, F1 is a European sport, but Lawd, this is America,
let them repent and see faults in their ways
Please let American stream “Clash” by Dave and Stormzy if that means Sebastian Vettel gets a 5th WDC
And finally, watch out for Roscoe Hamilton and, yes Sir Lewis too, but he’s a little one too #blessed



Please rise for the national anthem

* sexy jazz voice * Let’s play a little Formula 1

We also need to pledge allegiance

We promise faith to the sponsor of Formula 1 and to Stefano Domenicali and Liberty Media, as it stands, a company under Beelzebezos, indivisibly, with the exploitation of others and money for not all

* Also NASCAR Cup Holywood Casino 400 is broadcast at the same time as the American doctor – these Europeans are coming to America and starting to take the job!

I will say this: these circuits are the circuits that countries deserve.

Yes, I know Formula 1 and some of the host circuits are just awful, but something about actively seeing GPs in Qatar or Saudi Arabia just does not feel right. Here are some pictures of why:

And I’m really discussing how to make a post, so if you want a post, let me know, but other than that, I’m leaning a lot towards a no.

It’s not something I’m on high horsepower or morale – because it’s sadly Formula 1, and I have actively participated in watching the Turkish, Hungarian and Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Given the terrible human rights violations, and how Qatar has โ€œlaunderedโ€ their human rights records over the last 20 years (see host of the World Cup, purchase of reruns of La Liga matches), girl, it happens a lot. And yet it makes the perfect relationship for these countries to host Formula 1 tracks.

I just want to highlight the sleek and highest tribute Ricciardo gave to Dale Earnhardt’s Sr.’s helmet. In my correct opinion, Ricciardo’s helmets are always so damn crooked, but that makes up for it.

And Valtteri’s helmet, designed by his girlfriend, Tiffany Cromwell ๐Ÿฅฐ

The W Series Championship ends today!

There are two rounds at COTA, one yesterday and one today.

The COTA winner in round 1 is: [Spoiler (click to open)]

And round 2:

And your championship winner is:
[Spoiler (click to open)]

She won the double header in COTA with an absolutely dominant drive today and is now a two-time W Series Champion. Give her a drive in Formula 2, for goodness sake!

She takes home a $ 500K (USD) prize and earns 15 points against a super license. You must have at least 40 to compete in Formula 1 (although exceptions may be made). I know seeing a female F1 driver is super optimistic because it’s an old boys club in the dark ages, but I’m thankful that the W series gave some extremely talented women an entrance into motorsport, so many of they were already accomplished racers in their own right. I know F1 is considered the endgame for many people in motorsport, but it would be phenomenal to see not only female drivers but also more team leaders, race engineers, technical directors. Basically, I’m here for female superiority.

Andretti Autosport could not get enough capital from investors for a takeover of Sauber, the team that owns Alfa Romeo, so it looks like Colton Herta will become a US resident and OP is sadly sad. But here’s hoping he’s bringing a championship home in 2022. In a perfect world where meritocracy existed, F2 championship leader Oscar Piastri would get that spot, even though Colton is extremely talented, making the FIA โ€‹โ€‹comically impossible for an IndyCar – driver to switch to F1.

Even though there are no American drives online (* cries in Colton Herta *), never forget that America is the winner here today.


The Moving Bricks:
RB podium:
Finally, Danny delivers a great helmet:
Valtteris member:
Not today:
F1 does not deserve the Whitney version and shit, neither does America:

I’m a relatively good person ๐Ÿฅบ so please venmo me eleven billion doll hair so I can start my Formula 1 team. Together we can stop the inevitable formation of the Aramco Halliburton Nestle Amazon Space X Scooderia Walmart.


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