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First Marvel’s Midnight Suns gameplay footage: XCOM with cards looks straight

After getting a world premiere CGI unveiling last week, the new Firaxis strategy game Marvel’s midnight sun received a full gameplay premiere on Wednesday. Sure enough, last week’s promise looks like a superhero task XCOMhowever, the new one, six minutes of detection actually makes the upcoming game look like an exciting twist on Firaxi’s well-hit tactical area.

midnight Sun expected to launch in March 2022 on PC and a wide variety of consoles and it looks the existing XCOM development team inject deckbuilding and card-based abilities into turn-based tactical battles. Each battle brings a brand new Marvel superhero, called The Hunter, into fisticuffs along with two previously established Marvel superheroes, including members of the Avengers, X-Men and other ensembles. Each team member appears to have their own card game, and your makeshift trio must then harness supernatural powers and fight back. XCOM-like battle. At the beginning of each turn, your warriors turn over six cards from their individual decks.

When it’s a character’s turn, they can move around the battlefield up to a certain radius and play up to three cards, which include attacks, buffs for allies, and negative conditions for enemies. Some of these emphasize placing each hero on the battlefield for e.g. To hit a bunch of enemies in a straight line or dump an effect radius of pain on a cluster of evil. A revealed attack went so far as to smash a barrier at a cliff edge and then knock an enemy over the newly exposed hole. Each trip has an apparent limit of three cards, but it is currently unclear whether it is three cards per. Entire or three cards to the entire squad during a trip. Either way, players must also have something against a team’s “heroism” meter, as some left-handed cards use this meter’s points, as shown by an orange number in a card’s upper left corner. “Basic” attacks and abilities do not use the meter.

Between missions: Training, conversations and, are, currencies

When you’re not on the battlefield, you and your favorite superheroes kick back at The Abbey, a conversation- and training-filled hub where The Hunter chats with allies you get throughout your quest. Samples of this text whiz past in the trailer, and on closer inspection, they appear to include out-of-school excursions with text conversations and choices you can make to influence how characters respond to you. Chill on a sofa with Blade, take a walk through a prairie with Tony Stark, chat about 80s horror movies with Magik – but also pay attention to the icons on certain choices, as they can affect a hero’s unlock.

Outside the conversation, midnight Sun seems to be permeated by-ugh-a wide range of in-game currencies. On just one screen I count:

  • Attack Essence
  • Heroic essence
  • Skill Essence
  • Blueprints
  • Artifacts

In addition, a “training” facility shows how to use the game’s “credits” currency to upgrade existing cards. I am ready for a progression system that encourages players to e.g. Play missions through more difficult difficulties or complete challenges to either unlock new maps or leave existing ones. But a host of confusing currencies never make an RPG better, even though they are all completely free. I hope Firaxis’ publisher on 2K Games is careful not to make these currencies an excuse to add pay-to-win opportunities, of course. The game’s official presence on social media says so players should not expect any microtransactions beyond “cosmetic” options, and we hope the promise holds true in the final product.

We still have lots of questions about how midnight Sun‘campaign will be felt. How much of the campaign is generated procedurally? Will the game come with a creative twist on XCOMis usual “permadeath” option as its devs have confirmed that permadeath does not necessarily correspond to Marvel’s character universe? Will additional heroes be locked in either behind paid “season tickets” or for free, after launch patches? But beyond these questions, this revelation does much to confirm it midnight Sun‘Real-time graphics look bold, yet clear, with a variety of combat environments and flashy cinematic attacks (which we hope can be disabled or rewound quickly if we get tired of them). And the card system may just be the jerk the genre needs, both to enable Firaxis to create crazy attacks that (due to card moves) cannot be spammed repeatedly, and to get players to encrypt when a bad card pulling forces their strategic hands.

Half of this week midnight Sun gameplay detection; another half was hosted by IGN and is linked above.

Lists image by Firaxis / 2K Games / Marvel

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