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“Foundation” has a plan for eight seasons

The fund has an eight season plan
Apple TV +

The other day, AppleTV + launched its lavish sci-fi series with a large budget for the legendary Isaac Asimov’s iconic novel “Foundation”.

The new footage arrives after decades of trying to adapt the story with David S. Goyer, who acts as the showrunner in the series, taking some great liberties with the novel’s narrative, even as it attempts to adapt the “unfiltered” story to the screen.

However, it is such a close work that there is plenty of material for Goyer to mine, and he tells Slashfilm that he came up with an approach that could see the show run for eight seasons:

“When I presented the plan for season one, Apple knew it was a big task and they would at least have a clue that I had a direction on where I was going in the coming seasons.

So I presented a loose plan for eight seasons. And there are definitely moments of history and threads that are created in season one that will not pay off this season. But at least we know what we’re writing about. We do not just start over. There is a roadmap. ”

Goyer also confirms that not everything in the series will be easily wrapped up at the end of the season, with Easter eggs and references deliberately seen early to pay off not just later in the season, but later seasons down the line:

“I love it when a little unmanageable moment that happens in episode two pays off in episode eight or even in a later season. I like the universes of these great epics to feel fully lived in and 360 degrees.

I like it when there are shades of gray. I like it when not all questions are answered. I would say that this season we are answering many questions and there are some questions we are not answering. And hopefully the audience will be patient, because if we have not answered a question, there is a reason why we have not answered a question. And it’s not because we forgot. ”

The series launched mostly good reviews, although it’s still a subscription generator for Apple, we’ll see. Variety reports that Apple revealed to the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage employees that Apple TV + has fewer than 20 million subscribers in the United States and Canada as of July this year.

By revealing this, Apple is reportedly able to pay reduced rates to production crew members, as the threshold of 20 million subscribers is tied to the union’s current contract with Apple. This figure is only for the two countries, however with Apple TV + available in more than 100 countries and regions.

The first two episodes of “Foundation” are available now on Apple TV + and run weekly with the finale scheduled for November 19th.

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