Frasier: 9 times Marty was the best dad

He may not be as elegant and refined as his sons, Frasier and Niles, but Frasier‘s Martin Crane certainly has all the charm, wit and personality that any sitcom dad can ask for. Sure, he’s a bit brassy and unfiltered, but that’s all part of what makes him a memorable character in the series. But despite all his quirks and eccentrics, he really is one of TV’s best fathers.

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Marty has a heart of gold, and that applies not only to his sons. The dog Eddie, Daphne and even Roz have all benefited from Marty’s role as father, and he has certainly not gone unnoticed by his fans either.


Goes all the way out for Christmas every year

Martin Crane in the furnished apartment in the High Holidays section of Frasier

While his sons may have some complaints about seeing the apartment adorned in over-the-top holiday splendor, many viewers would love to have their place decorated so thoroughly for the most wonderful time of the year. The mechanical Santa Claus and severed Santa’s legs may be a little on the eerie side, but there’s no doubt that the spirit of the season is still there.

In most of Frasier holiday offers give Marty a new meaning to the term “deck the halls” as his Christmas decor becomes more kitschy and elaborate each year. Anyone whose dad goes that far out for the holidays certainly deserves some sort of medal.

Daphne reads her steamy romance book

Martin reads The Rose and the Rap

Daphne and Martin work great together, and their comic antics are just as evocative as Frasier and his brother, but their dynamics also allow Marty to show his softer side. But there is a case that is as funny as it is completely captivating.

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While Daphne is sick on the couch in “Fire for the Rocker” (Season 4, Episode 13), Martin does his best to make her feel better by reading to her from her copy of The Rose and the Rap. That’s not exactly it Fifty shades of gray, but it’s still both sweet and silly to hear a harsh former cop read from a particularly steamy scene to help his friend and therapist feel better.

Encourages his boys in a bar with a song

Breaking up is hard to do, and no one knows it better than the three cranes in “Shutout in Seattle: Part 2” (Season 6, Episode 24). After Frasier, Niles and Martin all three have their significant others leave them in the dust, they find themselves lumped together at the same bar to drown out their sorrows. Luckily, the night does not end with overeating with a little help from Marty.

Using an amateur piano player at the bar, he guides them all in a verse of “Goldfinger” to help lift their sport. It’s banal, it’s ridiculous, but it’s the kind of thing a good dad would do under such emotional weight.

Bonding With His Boys Over Antiques Road Show

Frasier watches TV with Niles and Marty

It’s no secret that Marty does not have much in common with his sons. Where the Crane brothers would spend a night at the opera with a glass or two of their favorite sherry, their father would rather use it in the comfort of his recliner with Eddie on his lap or for a Sonics game with a foam finger and a chili dog.

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That being said, it’s quite remarkable when the trio is actually able to commit to something the three of them enjoy, such as. Antique Roadshow, as seen in “A Tsar Is Born” (Season 7, Episode 7). Seeing them make a drinking game out of TV-broadcast antiques is truly a memorable and ridiculous father-son moment that no fan of the series would enjoy.

His frequent Pep Talks

Every good dad needs to have a few pep talks ready on stand-by, and Martin Crane has delivered some of the best in the eleven seasons the show was on the air. Frasier and Niles, who covered a range of topics such as jobs, economics, women, life, death and many more, were not the only ones to benefit from a few gold nuggets of Marty’s witty wisdom.

From Frasier losing his job temporarily at KACL to Niles going through a bitter divorce with Maris, Marty has always had some solid advice and support that only a father figure could offer.

Buying a toy for Frasier to give to Freddie for Christmas

Frasier celebrates Christmas with Freddie

This is an action that really shows the kind of character Martin Crane really is. As recognized by his father in “Frasier Grinch” (Season 3, Episode 9), Frasier has a habit of giving people gifts he thinks they need instead of what they actually want. So when he finds out that what Freddie wants is not one of the legions of educational toys he has wrapped under the tree, Marty steps in to give his son a gift.

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The gift is not the laser-shooting RoboGeek that Freddie so desires, but the ability to give his son the opportunity to bring the same joy to his child that he himself felt by bringing Christmas to Frasier and his brother, Niles. Talk about getting the bigger picture.

Goes with his sons’ excursions to spend time with them

frasier crane martin niles

It has become clear in several episodes that even though Martin and his boys may not always find the same fun ideal, they still have their bonding moments. But one thing that gives Marty some serious father-points is how often he takes them on their artistic excursions to spend time with them.

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He may not be into twisted socialites, French food or opera boxes, but he laughs and endures spending some time with his sons. And while they may reluctantly agree to visit the occasional greasy dining room or a wood-themed steakhouse, Frasier and Niles happily return.

Covers Daphne at the Canadian border

Frasier and company on a trip to Canada

One thing is to bend social laws to cover up for his children, but smuggling Daphne across the border into Canada and back in “Travels with Martin” (Season 1, Episode 21) is a whole new ballpark. This may seem like a normal stretch for Marty, but it becomes even more critical when a former police officer takes the fall.

It’s not like he’s committing grand theft or anything, but it’s still remarkable how far Marty is willing to go to protect Daphne. Yet there is never any doubt about the character of the man.

To Keep Niles’ Secret Crush A Secret

Keeping a big secret for six years is a great achievement for anyone, regardless of paternal duty. But just as much as he urges others to keep their “big bazoo” closed, it’s not surprising that Martin is able to keep it under the lid for so long.

Niles and Daphne’s romantic relationship is one of the hallmarks of the show, growing from a secret crush to a heartwarming love story. Although it was eventually revealed by accident, Marty went to great lengths to keep things hidden until both people were ready. Viewers can not say that the man does not have integrity.

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