Game franchises to be revived, from SSX to Dino Crisis

With so many great games, and in turn amazing franchises out there, it’s often easy to forget the other great series that have apparently been lost. This becomes even more relevant as one’s backlog continues to grow in size. That’s why there’s a lot we really miss. Many of these series drifted away either because of the publisher’s negligence or because the teams behind the game would move on. However, it is all series that have otherwise felt their presence missed in the gaming industry, although other titles may have tried to pick up the mantle.

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castlevania 2-end image

Image via Konami

Out of all the series on this list, Castlevania may be the one who is probably missed the least. This is not to speak negatively about the franchise, as it is one of the best platform players in gaming, but rather in terms of the progress that the rest of the industry has made in its absence. With Koji Igarashi, a long-standing partner in the franchise, moves on from the series and takes up the mantle Bloodstained series, at times it feels like the series has not even gone.

The Metroidvania genre continues to impress, but at times it often feels as if Metroid element is utilized for more than Castlevania. There’s just something special about cycling through the lower arms Castlevania has to offer, all the while chasing Dracula and his minions. It seems more and more strange that with the success of the animated series, on the gaming front, no new games have been released for consoles. With Konami behind the game, it seems these hopes are getting more desperate.


The day of defeat

the day of defeat

Image via Activision

Out of all the multiplayer games that Valve was behind in the early 2000s, whether that was it Counter attack or Team Fortress, The day of defeat was always the one who was overlooked. Published only a few months after the original Battlefield, and a few months before the original Call of Duty, The day of defeat had to face tough competition in the WWII multiplayer FPS space. There was something special about The day of defeat compared to the other two series though, and to this day you can still jump in and play a few games. Hassle-free drop-in and drop-out multiplayer, which made it easy for you to find matches on your favorite servers, was incredibly helpful in building a community of players. The day of defeat was simple in its design, but the amazing maps and compelling gameplay helped it stand out among the other games in Valve’s FPS catalog.

Dino crisis


Image via Capcom

Explain the premise of Dino crisis to someone who is not aware of it and chances are they would be on board. Imagine Resident Evil, but instead of zombies you faced dinosaurs and you are almost there already. Shinji Mikami struck gold with Resident Evil, men Dino crisis never really took off in the same way for him, though it would end up getting more followers. With the continued resurgence that Capcom has seen with the remakes of Resident Evil, one would think that a return visit to Dino crisis would be a perfect opportunity to measure interest in the series. It’s a series that is capable of handling its wildly scandalous premise in a way that still makes it incredibly funny to this day, and which we hope will return

Max Payne

Max Payne

Image via Rockstar

This one is hard to talk about because it really feels like a franchise that out of all of these has the slightest chance of coming back. That certainly should not be the case as Rockstar Games is now behind the franchise. One could hope so Grand Theft Auto V becoming such a cash cow would provide an opportunity to fund smaller projects that would otherwise be overlooked. Unfortunately, that has not been the case when it comes to Max Payne, as it is almost a decade since the last post was published.

Max Payne 3 was interesting because it was the first game in the series developed by Rockstar and not Remedy Entertainment, especially known for Control and Alan Wake. There is no doubt that the big departure Max Payne 3 trains from the first two titles were met with some anger, but at this point everything would be welcome. There is something special about the two Remedy titles, and Max as a character is incredibly compelling. When playing through the first title in the last year, the effectiveness of the storytelling in particular is still captivating.

Quiet hill

quiet hill

Image via Konami

Quiet hill fans are no strangers to pain. That, of course, is the saga of PT, Hideo Kojima, and the subsequent fallout between Konami. But in recent years, there has been a consistent stream of rumors of the return of the franchise. Unlike some games on this list, Quiet hill is a series that still has not found its equal when it comes to those trying to regain its style. The first four games from Team Silent are what fans of the franchise hold on to, and rightly so. It hurts a lot of fans when they watch Resident Evil, the second long-running horror franchise that thrives on the other side of the aisle.

Sluve Cooper


Image via Sony

Today, “mascot” games seem to be a thing of the past. During the PS2 days, you were either one Sluve Cooper, Ratchet and Clank, or Jak and Daxter fan. Of course, there was overlap, but it seemed that more often than not, when talking to people, they experienced having to pick one when they were younger. With the success that Sucker Punch has seen with The ghost of Tsushima, it seems like a big request to them to return to something similar Sluve Cooper. The property seems pretty much finished now that it was supposed to return with an animated film a few years ago, though it never came to anything. Since then, Sly, Bently and Murray have apparently been put on ice. An incredibly fun platform game that spanned several games is still one of PlayStation’s most entertaining franchises.

Splinter cell

Splinter cell

Image via Ubisoft

Many of these games come from major publishers who do not have much to lose when it comes to releasing new titles in these series, and Splinter cell is definitely one of them. One has to wonder that with Ubisoft apparently making all of their titles live-service games, how a primarily single-player story-based stealth title would work in that format. One would hope that Ubisoft would be aware of this and not try to force it forward, but it seems like wishful thinking.

Pure stealth games seem like an increasingly difficult sale these days, but with a strong name like Tom Clancy and Splinter cell behind it, the franchise already seems ready to return. Fans have been teased in what appears to be years now as insider reports have flooded the internet, all of which have never turned into anything. It was even included in a Walmart leak a few years ago, which had all games listed except Splinter cell come to reality. The saddest thing about the long wait for this return is to see the game’s main character, Sam Fisher, appear in random Ubisoft titles. We hope that the long-standing rumors will one day become a reality.



For a short period of time, it seemed like every time you step into a retail store, you would be greeted by several extreme sports games to choose from. That’s certainly not the case anymore, especially when it comes to popularity. There are games like Equestrian Republic, the latest sports title from Ubisoft, which works as a nice replacement, but is still clearly missing something. SSX had an attitude that was undeniable, and a gameplay style to back it up. The arcade-like nature of snowboard gameplay is something that is largely lacking from so many other sports titles.

Trying to achieve high scores with a large selection of characters to choose from was only the tip of the iceberg when it came to SSX. One of the big draws was the cast of characters that the series boasted of, all of which had their own personalities and stories to follow. With EA apparently getting back on track slowly but surely, one must hope that a return to SSX could lie in the cards.

Team Fortress

Team Fortress

Image via Valve

Like The day of defeat, Team Fortress was also always in the shadow of Counter attack as for Valve’s FPS games. But when Team Fortress 2 was released, it turned out to be something very special. As for hero shooters, it still ranks as one of the best out there. Though Overwatch would come along and take much of the spotlight, there was a time from the release in 2007 to the mid-2010s where Team Fortress 2 shot on all cylinders. Valve saw its Steam Marketplace really come into play with the game and its various hats and weapons, allowing for amazing, albeit sometimes frustrating customization.

In the same way as The day of defeat provided an excellent opportunity to build communities through custom servers, early on Team Fortress 2 was excellent because it often allowed players to find their favorite server, get to know the players on it and spend most of their time there. Learning the different classes and finding the ones that suit your style of play is something that is largely lacking from so many online games, and why the classic heroic shooter genre is one that is so hard to get right. Team Fortress 2 was like a perfect storm, and one that you would hope Valve would one day be able to try to replicate again.



Image via Sony

One of the leading stealth franchises in the PS1 generation, Tenchu was something very special for its time. With an incredibly immersive atmosphere, its great reliance on stealth is a mechanic that is sadly largely absent in so many games today. Although it was not the same, some Tenchu fans had something to rejoice about when Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was released. Originally planned as a Tenchu games, FromSoftware’s stealth-infused title would end up being something completely different. But they planted seeds early Tenchu can definitely be felt in the final product. In any case, like many other series on this list, it is one that has felt its influence in many different areas, but unfortunately the franchise itself is still lacking.

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