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Garcelle accuses Lisa of giving ‘Race’ comments, Erika reacts to fans wanting her fired

RHOBH Reunion Recap: Garcelle accuses Lisa of giving 'Race' comments when Dorit yells at Garcelle and Erika reacts to fans who want her fired, plus was she faithful to Tom?

“Some shots and some shots are taken. And guess what? There will be some winners and some losers. ”-Erika Girardi. Andy Cohen comes in HOT for season 11 reunion of Real housewives from Beverly Bakker … and he does not shy away from asking the toughest questions yet.

While the women pile on tiny sofas (what happened to the delicious, one-woman chairs?), Andy wastes no time getting to the good stuff. He tells Erika, “We’ll put you on a spear and I’ll light the grill.” YAS. And then he goes on to present all the cast members.

Andy welcomes Crystal for her first reunion ever and no, she is not wearing her infamous ugly leather pants. But they should definitely go to the clubhouse. Sutton has heels on and has since retired the boot. wished is wearing a dress adorned with pearls and you guessed it, it’s part of her collection that is ready to wear. Garcelle is not shy about sipping her tequila for her first personal meeting- could you blame her? Breast looks ridiculous in her ponytail and the women name her person Priscilla today. Kyle celebrates her 11th reunion, which is absolutely insane. And then … there’s Erika.

“Hey Erika! What’s new? “Oh, Andy came to serve it today. Erika says she’s looking forward to closing this chapter and continuing. Andy reminds her that every day new things come up about her legal issues, and Erika states that she can happily say everything she can share with the viewers, she further claims that she still does not have the answers to this day and denies that she is a cold person. FINALLY, Erika addresses herself “to” the “alleged victims of all of Tom’s alleged offenses.”

Erika explains that she was disappointed and angry after watching the season, especially with regard to the women seeking legal advice. Sutton makes it clear that she was not talking to her lawyer … she was simply talking to a friend who happened to be a lawyer. And then all of a sudden all the ladies bell / nod that they also talked to their lawyers. Erika lets Andy know that her lawyers have asked her to leave the show, but she states that she is not a receipt and she refused to run away from what came to her. Well, that … and the show is her main source of income these days. Erika has not been charged with a crime, but is adamantly opposed to being fired from the show because of all her legal drama.

No worries- Sutton has the face roll in his trailer. Sutton admits she cried a lot this season, and Andy investigates her about life with her mother. Sutton explains that she has tried to follow her mother’s advice, especially when it came to her drama with Crystal.

Sutton addresses his “business” (which Rinna mocked during her WWHL visit) and how it grew “extremely” throughout the pandemic. She also tells how she finally moved into her new house last week and is doing well. Everything could be better than having Kyle as a landlord. Apparently, Sutton almost burned Kyle’s house down, and the house is no longer on the market because they have to make some repairs to it after Sutton stayed there for almost a year. LAUGH OUT LOUD.

OMG Erika tries to date and is looking for “something with a big penis” as she “wants some sex.” Okay. Speaking of boyfriends, Sutton’s girlfriend Michael broke up with her over a Valentine’s weekend. How cruel! Now she is dating again and loves it. Did you catch Erika’s grave at Sutton? “Who are you dating?”

Garcelle feels that since she opened up to the women, she has felt more like part of the group. Dorit applauds Dorit for being vulnerable, but says she feels Garcelle may be “passively provocative.” Dorit believes that Garcelle acted in certain ways just to be relevant, and Garcelle does not like that. In fact, Garcelle demands an apology from Dorit after Dorit called her a bully. Dorit tries to explain that she chose the word bullying because Garcelle incessantly bathed her.

Andy wonders why Dorit never called Erika a bully, but Dorit claims that Erika only had isolated incidents with other women. Dorit apologizes to Garcelle for using the word. Then it follows up with “but” Garcelle says many things in his confessions. Garcelle thinks she can not win with Dorit- she says too much, she does not say enough …

Rinna tries to insert herself, and when Garcelle tells her that she just has to wait her turn, Rinna repeats: “I can say what I want. Tell me not to do anything. “If you want to talk about someone trying to stay relevant, there is Rinna who does not talk from the sidelines for any camera time.

Dorit loses it directly on Garcelle as she continues to be cut off. Garcelle reminds her not to talk about things if she was not even there. Eventually the ladies agree to dry slate and Garcelle says, “I don’t like her at all.”

Garcelle and Rinna were friends for 20 years, and then the relationship crumbled due to lack of trust. Erika injects herself into the situation and asks if Garcelle will punish Rinna for the way she treated Denise. Rinna wants Garcelle to let the Denise problems go, and Garcelle makes it clear that she has let the mouse go.

Rinna apparently said that Garcelle should never have brought race into the show because this show is not that kind of show. Rinna denies ever having said it, but freaks out that Garcelle never confronted her about it. Love how Garcelle calls Rinna out, and then Rinna turns the blame on Garcelle! Garcelle repeats that she does not trust Rinna and that she is * open * to move on, but when Rinna questions why Garcelle threatened her job at the WWHL, Garcelle gets annoyed again.

Rinna wants an apology from Garcelle for INSINING that she said something about race. What happens here? Even Andy can not figure out where Garcelle and Rinna are going from this point. Garcelle reminds Rinna who she used to be, and in return, Rinna states that her own husband thinks Garcelle looks miserable. Garcelle thinks her expectations of Rinna are higher and it finally gets a closure as Rinna jumps up to sit next to Garcelle on the couch. Love it when Dorit mumbles, “She just wanted to show off her clothes,” and I kind of have to agree. Garcelle is finally broken up, and after much cessation, the ladies have decided to move on. “I like you too much to do this anymore.”

Oh dear God. Kathy Hilton enters the stage with her notebook paper receipts. She NOTES that the set is modeled after farm, and she shares that 11 years later she decided to quit because Kyle was pushing her. Kyle smiles brightly and Andy asks Kyle about her nose job. Kyle reminds us all that she broke her nose by shooting “Halloween”. Speaking of “Halloween,” Kathy set Michael Myers up to surprise Kyle before reunion, and I have to admit it was classic.

Andy shifts gears and questions Erika about her relationship with her ex-husband, Tom. Erika explains that a woman would defend her husband even if he never read her book OR participated in her Broadway debut. It turns out that according to Erika, Tom was in DC (cheating) when he did not come to see Erika’s show in town. When she was asked if Erika was faithful to Tom, it seems that her eyes tell it all, but we have to wait and see part 2 of the reunion next week …


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