Garth Ennis Returns To The Punisher In Vietnam In 2022


On the Comic Book Couples Counseling podcast, Garth Ennis popped by to talk about the return of Battle Action Comics from Rebellion, but also talked about returning to the character which is probably most associated with by Americans, the Marvel Comics character, the Punisher.

Garth Ennis told them “I should say, there’s going to be another Punisher presumably later this year. A Vietnam story that will join with the events of the Nick Fury series and Born. You’ll find out what happened in between and how he ended up at Fire Base Valley Forge. Frank’s competency… almost the enjoyment of combat, is not a straight line. Not as inevitable as some may think. You’ll see that in the story. “

Garth Ennis Returns To The Punisher In Vietnam In 2022
Garth Ennis Returns To The Punisher In Vietnam In 2022

Garth Ennis also talked about what was wrong with The Punisher, what was broken about the character, and how Dolph Lungren was the most successful screen version in portraying him, without being watered down. And noted how the most recent Netflix version just had the Punisher shoot far fewer people.

In 2000, Preacher co-creators Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon were invited to revamp The Punisher for Marvel’s Marvel Knight imprint, and created a 37 issue series, before relaunching as a mature-reader MAX comic from Marvel by Ennis, as well as his origin series Born drawn by Darick Robertson further examines Castle’s roots, tracing them back to his third tour of the Vietnam War, while the one-shot Punisher: The Tygerby Ennis and John Severin, showed that Castle had lived with murders, deaths and criminals from his childhood. The MAX version of the Punisher ends with the character’s death. After killing the Kingpin, Castle dies from his own wounds in issue # 21 of PunisherMAX. He is buried in issue # 22 as his death sparks a public uprising and killing of the city’s criminals.

In the Marvel Universe, The Punisher is returning in the series Punisher by Steven Grant spirit Jesus Saiz, without the Punisher Skull or his guns, but a new logo and handheld martial arts weapons as he leads The Hand. And made his debut in that fashion in the recent Daredevil: Woman Without Fear # 3. Also, in the Marvel Universe as a whole, his origin has been removed from Vietnam with a new less period-specific fictional Siancong War in an unspecified part of South-East Asia.

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