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Giants Daniel Jones, other mobile QBs benefit in today’s less physical NFL, says Tom Brady

Tom Brady sometimes sees Daniel Jones running and thinks that what he sees is “crazy”.

It’s no blow from the Buccaneers quarterback against his Giants opponent, who is 20 years younger than him. It’s just a guy who came into the NFL in 2000 who wondered how much things have changed since then.

“I think so many quarterbacks, they run through the middle of the defense, and they know enough that they are basically not going to get hurt,” Brady said on his “Let’s Go!” podcast on SiriusXM Satellite Radio.

“I see [the Colts’] Carson Wentz does it all the time. I see Daniel Jones do it all the time. And I’m in the mind, I think it’s crazy. Defensive players run and they all jump out of the way of the quarterback. “

Brady answered a question from Fox’s Colin Cowherd about what Brady would change at the NFL if given the chance after he retired.

It was one of a series of questions from prominent media figures covering and / or talking about the NFL who were invited to spice up Brady during a special 90-minute edition of the podcast, which premiered on Monday.

Brady lamented how much physical play has been taken out of the game by rule changes and interpretations over the past two decades.

“The game I played 20 years ago is very different from the game now, in the sense that it’s now more skill competition than it is physical football,” Brady said.

“I think in some ways they remove a physical element to the game … The way the rules are set, I don’t think it’s always in the best interest of the game that I once played.”

He said it was previously incumbent on players and their teammates to protect themselves; now it’s up to opponents to do it.

Brady said the pass he threw to Mike Evans on Sunday for his 600th regular-season touchdown pass – which ended with several Bears defenders nearby – was one he would not have thrown 10 years ago .

“The security was right there, and the security basically can’t hit him like he used to be able to hit him,” Brady said. “All collateral is now £ 200 and they cover everyone. There’s no Rodney Harrison, there’s no Ronnie Lott. I mean I can go on – Brian Dawkins.

“There are a lot of players, like Ray Lewis, that I did not throw the ball between the hashes because Ray Lewis wanted to knock them out of the game.”

He added, “I think the burden of protecting receivers should be on the quarterback, not the defensive backs. And the burden on protecting a running back should be on the offensive linemen, not on tacklers trying to tackle running backs. . “

Brady said he does not believe cheap shots are ever allowed, but he said under current rules: “It would be like being in a boxing ring and saying, ‘Do not hit your opponent too hard because you can harm them. ” “

Brady said he learned the price of running when he slipped late, and former Bills cornerback Nate Clements took off his helmet “and it inflamed their entire sideline.”

“Do you know what I learned after that play? Man, you better slide much faster than that,” Brady said. “I think the reality is that you develop a lot of bad habits because we are not taught the game, that you are out there to protect your teammates. I am not out there to protect the other team.”

He added: “I think now we’re taking physical players out of the game and now it’s a skill contest … We’re still being beaten up and we’re still being hit. However, it’s very different in the fact that quarterbacks throw the ball in areas we should not throw it and they punish defenders for it.

“And I said it before: you can not punish a defender for doing his job. So I think they have to think about how it affects things going forward, otherwise you just get, you know, it’s going to be a seven-courage – seven footballs. “

Among those whose questions to Brady in the podcast were Dan Patrick, Chris Berman, Scott Van Pelt, Adam Schefter, Jay Glazer, Erin Andrews, Steve Young, Colin Cowherd, Pam Oliver, Kevin Harlan, Jim Nantz, Bill Cowher, Peter King , Kay Adams, Greg Bishop, Larry Fitzgerald and Jeff Darlington.

Jim Gray is the host and Fitzgerald is a regular with Brady in the podcast.


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