Google is fighting for the core of your family this holiday season – your connected TV

Now that Chromecast with Google TV is finally getting personal user profiles and the Google TV app is getting a built-in remote, it looks like Google is finally taking things seriously. After many unsuccessful or cumbersome years of trying to make Android TV successful, it seems that the company has finally hit gold. However, it has not come without a significant amount of work on their part.

According to The Information, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, has made it clear that connected TV is a “top priority” and that the aforementioned Android TV pushes were only “half-hearted”. In addition, he states that Google pays partners $ 10- $ 15 per. device to bake Google TV directly into their users’ experience. Roku, on the other hand, only pays its partners half to $ 7- $ 8 per share. device, so it’s clear that Google is dead set on taking the place from its competitors.


Stadia also recently hit the big screen with Google TV support, and the company is also looking to inject free, ad-supported streaming channels into your experience, so there it is. Throughout, it is clear that the technology giant has been working hard and has no plans to stop now. Google TV is fast becoming the biggest known name in the field of streaming and it is exciting.

A major promotional ad promotion for the holiday season shows Google’s incredibly ambitious efforts to familiarize millions of users with the basic features of the service, such as watch list, voice search, recommendations and more. There is no doubt that for Christmas and New Year, a much larger adoption rate will be widespread, with these ads appearing, given their relatable, warmth and personal touch.


My only hope is that I will not feel dirty using Google TV in 2022, knowing that its creators have basically bullied their competitors to achieve that level of success and recognition. However, as I have said before, we will keep you informed as the Roku situation continues to unfold. In the meantime, do not make your TV in the living room the center of your household and interactions, despite how cool Google TV is – instead prioritize deeper, more conscious connections and recreate your family’s ties as you end your year!

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