Gossip Girl: The 10 best parties in the show, ranked

In the scandalous life of the Manhattan elite, every day is an opportunity for a party. Rarely does an episode of Gossip Girl walk past where its characters are not involved in drama in the midst of an exaggerated, extensive event.

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This is part of the charm of the popular teen drama, and the parties always set the stage for some of the show’s most exciting scenes. It would take an age to list every party that is hosted during Gossip Girls six seasons, but some had more influence than others.

10 The Snowflake Ball (S2, E12)

All about the Snowflake Ball from the Season 2 episode “It’s A Wonderful Lie’s is beautiful. From the sparkling decor to Chuck’s jeweled tuxedo and the return of Blair’s iconic Erickson Beamon necklace, it’s an extravagant, wintery affair surpassed only by drama. of his companions.

Jenny makes a cruel joke with Vanessa and purposefully makes her dress transparent. Chuck and Blair are at their most flirtatious, after challenging the other to find them the perfect date. Just when it looks like they’re finally back on track, the night crashes with Lily’s news that Bart’s been out for an accident. It’s an unforgettable evening … mostly for the wrong reasons.

9 Shepherd Divorce Party (S5, E24)

Dan and Serena for the Shepherd Divorce Party in Gossip Girl

Serena repeats the story in the season 5 episode “The Return of the Ring”. Prior to the pilot’s events, she slept with Nate at the Shepherd’s wedding, severely damaging both their relationship with Blair and one of the worst betrayals of Gossip Girl. At the Shepherd’s divorce party, Serena sleeps with Dan.

The concept of a divorce party is already very Upper East Side, and the events of the party are very much Gossip Girl. Not for the first time, Serena manages to turn the event all over herself and turn an ordinary party into a complete debacle.


8 Chuck’s Halloween Party (S3, E7)

Chuck and Blair for his Halloween party

No one knows how to hold a miserable event like Chuck Bass. To mark the opening of his new club in “How to Succeed in Bassness”, he decides to host a Halloween party – but faces the obstacle of not yet having a liquor license.

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Somehow he manages to get one in record time and the party moves on. But because he is Chuck Bass, he still manages to go up in flames. The license is determined to be fake and he and Blair call the police to close the party and hit the drums for advertising. This leads to yet another explosion between Blair and Serena, cementing this celebration as one of the series’ most dramatic.

7 The masquerade ball (S1, E6)

In “The Handmaiden’s Tale”, Jenny continues her efforts to establish herself in Blair’s social circles by literally serving as her maid for a masquerade ball. Blair has high hopes for the event after arranging a shack leading her boyfriend Nate to her so they can start over.

Of course, it does not go according to plan. The party is decadent, so are outfits and masks, but Nate only has eyes for Serena. Or the person he thinks is Serena. He kisses Jenny, who flees and accidentally drops her bracelet. Blair finds it and realizes that she snuck in. It’s teenage betrayal and melodrama at its best – and possesses even more conflict in Blair and Nate’s increasingly doomed relationship.

6 Blair’s Kiss On The Lips Party (Season 1, Episode 1)

Blair to the Kiss On The Lips party in Gossip Girl

Kiss on the Lips is the first big high school party to be held Gossip Girl. Hosted (and dictated) by Blair, it’s an exclusive affair limited to those whom Queen Bee considers worthy.

With Blair and Serena tied up in a power struggle after the latter’s surprising return to the Upper East Side, Serena does not make the cut. She and Dan crash the party anyway … just in time to save Jenny from Chuck’s unwanted approaches. It’s all toxic, but the perfect set-up for the show’s twisted, elitist environment.

5 Prom (Season 2, Episode 24)

Blair is crowned Prom Queen in Gossip Girl

Prom is a big event in any teen show and this Gossip Girl ball is more luxurious and over-the-top than any other. In “Valley Girls,” fans can see Blair experience the night she’s always dreamed of, complete with a custom-designed dress and a night in a suite at the Plaza.

The event is a sophisticated affair, with prom dresses that would not look out of place in a haute couture fashion show. But it’s still filled with the twists and turns that the show does best. In one of Gossip Girls most romantic scenes, it’s revealed that Chuck has secretly sabotaged Blair’s ball so she’s happy, and manipulated the vote for Prom Queen so she would win.

4 The White Party (Season 2, Episode 1)

Serena and Nate to the White Party in Gossip Girl

All ind Gossip Girl love a party with a good dress code. In the season two premiere of “Summer, Kind Of Wonderful,” White Party is the place to be where everyone, anyone who is, flocks to the Hamptons to wear all white and participate in some melodrama.

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The costumes are beautiful (especially Serenas), but what should be an elegant affair goes down into chaos. Serena kisses Nate for making his affair-in-the-summer, Catherine, jealous. Dan sees it all, and also gets jealous. Then Blair uses Marcus to make Chuck jealous before starting a year of conflict, as she asks Chuck to finally admit that he loves her.

3 Blair’s 20th Birthday (Season 4, Episode 7)

Despite her best efforts, Blair’s parties have a habit of becoming a scandalous play. In the season 4 episode “War At The Roses”, she celebrates her 20th birthday in the wake of a ceasefire with Chuck, where the former couple is at war after their messy split.

Her plans for a peaceful, adult party have been thwarted thanks to Dan and Eric. The couple wants to wedge a wedge between Blair and Chuck to allow Jenny to return to Manhattan, so play an embarrassing video of Blair drunk on a night on the town during their relationship. Drama arises when Blair publicly blames Chuck. It’s all entertaining enough, even before the couple finally gives in to the excitement and has sex on her piano. The episode also gets bonus points for a musical Robyn cameo.

2 Chuck’s Saints And Sinners Party (Season 4, Episode 9)

Blair to the Saints and Sinners party in Gossip Girl

Chuck’s Saints and Sinners party in “The Witches of Bushwick” is the perfect blend of luxury and excess. Guests have the opportunity to dress up as angels or devils at an event aimed at proving that Chuck’s bad boy image is as relevant as ever.

The following is one of the most eventful events in the entire show. Jenny, Vanessa and Juliet make a plan to sabotage Serena before Juliet drugs and kidnaps her. After kissing for the whole world to see, Chuck and Blair decide to pause their relationship, making this one of the best Blair and Chuck Gossip Girl episodes. They want to be able to pursue their individual dreams. It’s a surprisingly mature move, as this party would have previously been an occasion for them to implode completely, and it shows how much they have grown.

1 The Debutante Ball (Season 1, Episode 10)

Serena dances with Nate at the debut ball in Gossip Girl

Chuck, Blair, Serena and Nate’s debutant ball is everything Gossip Girl party must be. At first glance, it is a sophisticated upper-class event filled with beautiful dresses and economically compatible pairs. But trouble bubbles beneath the surface, with Chuck secretly longing for Blair and Dan, who are fighting against Serena’s grandmother Cece for the right to be her date.

Everything explodes fast enough. Chuck starts a fight to get Blair to himself, while Dan crashes to steal Serena away from her Cece-approved partner. The party delivers some of the best moments in the show’s history, as well as Serena’s iconic gold dress. Most importantly, this party features the heartbreaking scene when Chuck spies on Blair and Nate reuniting – proving for the first time that Chuck Bass has a heart.

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