Greg Glassman authors submit to new book on nutrition

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CrossFit founder Greg Glassman has written a new book, “Lipid Lunacy: Diet Delusions and What Really Causes Heart Disease,” a collection of ten authors from THINCS: The International Network of Cholesterol Sceptics, including Zoe Harcombe, Malcolm Kendrick, and Paul Rosch.

One big thing: This is the first written work that Glassman has publicly produced since he left the CrossFits helm in June 2020. Back in July 2021, we learned that Glassman was working with an author on a book that shares the origins of CrossFit’s foundations, which may be released sometime in early 2022.

  • Glassman has been a passionate advocate of countercultural thinking in the form of nutrition, especially against the high-carbohydrate recipes often promoted in the general medical community.
  • In the years immediately preceding Glassman’s departure and the sale of CrossFit, he focused most of his public efforts on bringing the light to the point where he saw that modern medicine has failed, namely that doctors continued to prescribe the wrong treatments for chronic diseases and to proclaim misinformation regarding , what constitutes a healthy diet.
  • During that time, Glassman had launched MDL1, a CrossFit Level 1 seminar course specifically for physicians, as well as quarterly health summits known as the Derelict Doctors Conference.

Reads between the lines: As he knows Glassman and his passion for this topic, it is more and more likely that he will continue to expand his public presence around health and nutrition as time goes on.

Some key excerpts:

  • “The CrossFit nutrition recipe has been in opposition to the general orthodoxy with a high carbohydrate and low fat content for decades … In the independent course of our daily business – physical fitness training – we came to the clinical understanding that high consumption of refined carbohydrates inhibits fitness and degrades health, while fats and proteins have the opposite effect. ”
  • “Millions of CrossFit practitioners have observed and benefited from this knowledge in 15,000 CrossFit affiliates around the world. Common dietary advice, taken as they were with the hectic urge to reduce cholesterol at all costs, was irrelevant to our daily work. . “
  • “The disasters of general nutrition science – specifically in this case the lipid hypothesis that guided millions of people towards chronic disease – are the result of corruption that is almost perfect in scope and scope. We use ‘corruption’ here fully aware of the dual significance : corruption in the form of dissemination of special interests, financial motivation and bad actions taken for personal gain … “
  • “The ‘science-based’ nutrition guidelines have not worked. The almost universal prescription of statins and other pharmaceutical solutions has not worked. These miracle cures and campaigns have not worked because the prevailing perception of animal fats and cholesterol as deadly causes of heart disease and other chronic diseases. is not substantiated by scientific evidence. “
  • “The food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries fund research that is beneficial to their interests.”
  • “Nutrition reporting encourages a popular understanding that is more influenced by the highest voices than the most accurate.”
  • “Think of the pure maniac needed to take a stand against the pharmaceutical industry, the food and beverage industry, and the government agencies that have allied themselves so closely with these powerful interests.”

The book can be purchased at in paperback and Kindle.

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