Hanna: The main characters, ranked by intelligence

The third and final season of Amazon’s original dramatic action series Hanna released its 6-episode run on November 24, 2021. The story of the titular assassin and her persistent attempts to escape the ruthless grip of the UTRAX CIA program has yielded several twists, turns and character betrayals.

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By virtue of their occupation in the intelligence community, some characters in Hanna have access to sensitive information among public authorities that gives clues to a major conspiracy. Other characters cunningly balance street smarts and survival skills to outsmart their enemies. In one way or another, Hanna can boast of several hoarse protagonists whose knowledge often puts them in danger.

7 Sophie Quatri

Sophie and Hanna hang out on the beach in Hanna

As one of the few protagonists who does not operate in the intelligence community, Hanna’s friend Sophie Quatri (Rhianne Barreto) shows deep intelligence of a different kind in the show. Wise beyond her years, Sophie Hanna shows how to feel good and behave at her age, and senses the intense burden the 15-year-old hired killer feels by bearing such weighty responsibilities that result in life and death.

Sophie takes Hanna to a night in Berlin and shows her how to have fun, including the time she takes Hanna to a school party and introduces her to her first romantic crush Anton. Sophie uses her knowledge of pop culture to teach Hanna to loosen up, including giving her a makeover that keeps her profile low.

6 Clara Mahan

Clara works on a laptop in Hanna

Also known as Girl 249, Clara Mahan (Yasmin Monet Prince) is a really smart, curious young assassin student that Hanna meets in the sinister UTRAX, a creepy CIA program that improves the DNA of children to create super soldiers for the military. Brave and wise at the same time, Clara uses her knowledge of the prison complex to help Hanna and Erik escape.

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Afterwards, Clara is recaptured by Marissa and introduced to The Meadows, where she is slowly manipulated into becoming a dedicated soldier for the cause. But thanks to Hanna’s intervention, Clara eventually comes to her senses and shows enough intelligence to see through Marissa’s cunning and decides to reunite with her mother eventually.


5 John Carmichael

Carmichael points a gun at Hanna

As the day-to-day manager of both spooky UTRAX programs, John Carmichael (Dermot Mulroney) has more access to the Central Intelligence Agency files than anyone on the show. In Season 2 of the underrated original Amazon Prime series, Carmichael uses her wealth of CIA contacts to find Hanna and give Marissa her location to bring her back to the UTRAX program.

In Season 3, Carmichael uses his powerful position to help Hanna infiltrate The Meadows and use her inner knowledge to betray the Pioneer and help Marissa prevent the training programs forever. His reluctance to do so does not redeem his character, but his intelligence to follow Marissa’s plan underscores his cunning understanding of the situation. As one of the main villains in seasons 2 and 3, Carmichael’s high rank in the CIA as head of the UTRAX training programs gives him a huge intellectual advantage.

4 Erik Heller

Erik stands in front of stone circles in Hanna

As Hanna’s loving father figure, Erik Heller (Joel Kinnaman) is the one who taught the wonderful assassin everything she knows about hunting, killing and surviving in the remote forest. He once worked for UTRAX, but left after falling in love with Hanna’s mother and promised to raise the girl as his own after breaking her out of the program. Although he is not blood related, Erik’s actions make him one of the best TV fathers of recent times.

Besides being the moral center that guides Hanna in the right direction, Erik’s most intelligent moment was recognizing how tormented Hanna was over her past, and despite his life-threatening injuries, she takes her back to Romania so she can fully understand the truth about who she is and where she came from. By giving Hanna the crucial information about UTRAX, he gives her a redemption mission that informs the plot about the popular Amazon Prime original drama series.

3 Gordon Evans

Evans points to Marissa in Hanna

Also known as The Chairman as revealed in season 3, Gordon Evans (Ray Liotta) is the big brain behind the entire UTRAX program that Hanna is desperately trying to escape from throughout the series. The sinister puppet master controls various agents, double agents, secret ops, assassins and the like, all to turn children into genetically improved killing machines.

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As president of Pioneer headquarters, Evans uses all of his vast CIA resources to capture Hanna and encrypt the incriminating evidence against UTRAX just in time to prevent Marissa from bringing him down. Luckily, the two most intelligent characters in the show get a shot at redemption against the super-smart villain during the finale.

2 Marissa Wiegler

Marissa works on a laptop in Hanna

Marissa Wiegler (Mireille Enos) is an evil, whip-smart CIA agent who goes back and forth between being Hanna’s lovable ally and a ruthless enemy in the program. In search of the young girl since giving birth, Marissa exhausts all legal and illegal opportunities to return Hanna to UTRAX. She uses her intelligence to pretend to be Hanna’s mother to fool Sophie and later poses as Clara’s mother online to find her whereabouts.

However, Marissa’s smartest feat in the series is slowly revealing the massive list that UTRAX has been operating under for decades. When she discovers the program’s disgusting true intentions, Marissa rightly turns her allegiance to help Hanna and deliver in safety.

1 Hanna Petrescu

Hanna holds a gun in the woods in Hanna

As the extremely intrepid, early and extremely skilled 15-year-old assassin who is able to feed herself in the snow-covered forest, Hanna Petrescu (Esme Creed-Miles) is also the most intelligent character in the series. In addition to being extremely adept at hunting with weapons, knives, bow-and-arrows, etc., Hanna also possesses improved senses and wolf-like super-soldier physiology that enable her to learn things quickly and retain a wealth of knowledge.

As such, Hanna uses her superior intellect to avenge the memory of her father figure Erik, save Clara from The Meadows, expose Passaway Pharmaceuticals’ malicious conspiracy, save Abbas and eventually overthrow The Chairman.

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