Hawkeye has a Kate Bishop Easter egg that requires Morse code to decipher

Hawkeye director Rhys Thomas says the series’ production team snuck into a deep-cut reference that ties the show back to an important Kate Bishop appearance.

It says director Rhys Thomas Hawkeye‘s production team sneaked a reference to an important Kate Bishop appearance into the series.

Talking to Metro, Thomas explained that when Hailee Steinfelds Kate and Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton are bound by the Tracksuit Mafia in Hawkeyes second and third episodes, the lights behind them flicker in a separate order. The pattern can be deciphered using Morse code and calls back to an important date from the cartoon. “That light actually flickers from the date of the first Kate Bishop edition of Hawkeye, “claimed Thomas, who credited the reference to the show’s board operator, who has done similar tricks in other films. However, Thomas does not expect fans to see it right away, saying,” it’s one that I think people would be very hard pressed to spot. “

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This deep cut is one of the many references that Hawkeyethe creators snuck into the series. In the past, Thomas has publicly cited the work of Matt Fractions and David Aja as a significant influence on Hawkeye, with several characters from the cartoon appearing throughout the Disney + series. In addition, the stars of the series brought some ideas to the table, including actor Vincent D’Onofrio, who based Kingpin’s tropical attire from Hawkeye finale on the cover of Gabriele Dell’Otto Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business.

Still, Thomas admits that the creative team could not fit all of their ideas into Hawkeye. Although the show was able to give Clint a Pym Particle arrow, there was no room for a small performance from Ant-Man. Thomas says it was a matter of bringing Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang in for a brief appearance, but the team rejected the idea of ​​prioritizing Hawkeye himself. “In the end, we had a lot of characters in the show, [so we decided] we will keep it focused [on] him, “said Thomas.

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As fans pore over the details in Hawkeye for more references, the future of the series’ stars remains a mystery. Reports from Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness suggests that both Hawkeyes will appear in the film, while Steinfeld was recently alone on the set of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Taken together, these rumors could allow Kate to cross paths with Xochitl Gomez ‘America Chavez and Kathryn Newton’s Cassie Lang, leading to a Marvel Cinematic Universe tag on Young Avengers. In addition, many speculate that Kate and Clint will be introduced to players Echo, which directly spins out of Hawkeye.

All six sections of Hawkeye now streaming on Disney +.

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Source: Metro

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