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‘Hawkeye’ has just made Marvel’s big Thanos problem even worse

More than two years after Avengers: Endgame, we are still obsessed with Thanos. The Mad Titans short cameo ind What if…? stole the show while plotting The Falcon and the Winter Soldier revolved around the aftermath of his Snap. So it’s no surprise that Marvel’s latest show, Hawkeye, also refers to the purple supervillain.

Hawkeye is not about Thanos – at least not yet – but a small moment in episode 1 brings the mad titan back into the conversation. While it may seem like an indifferent Easter egg, this scene completely changes how we should think about Thanos in the MCU as we move forward. And maybe not for the better. Extremely light spoilers Hawkeye Section 1 ahead.

What happened – IN Hawkeye Episode 1, Clint Barton takes his kids with him to watch Rogers, a musical in the universe based on Captain America’s life. (Spoiler alarm: it stinks.) Clint shows up to use the bathroom, where he encounters the words “Thanos was right” scribbled in thick black letters on a urinal.

It’s a brief moment Hawkeye button addresses. Clint notices the message and shrugs before moving on. It’s as if the series needs to remind us that we’re still in the same MCU before it can tell a new story. But it means more than you think. Here’s why.

That Vise versa analysis – Thanos was right has been a meme in the real world ever since the mad titan hit his fingers on the screen. It’s a cynical game with similar jokes about certain historical figures, but it also talks about one of the strengths of Thanos as a character: It is possible to have empathy with him, even when his goal is to wipe out half of all life. in the universe.

However, it’s one thing to joke that Thanos is right in the real world, but another thing is to imagine that civilians in the MCU feel the same way. You have to be extremely cynical (or dissatisfied) to think Snap was a good idea. Even the villainous Flag-Smashers in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier never went that far (and it was all about being mad at all the Snapped people who came in again) Playoffs).

It may not seem like a big deal, but if Marvel wants to move past Thanos and establish a new big bad (whether it’s Kang the Conqueror or another), it should be clear that the MCU has also moved past Thanos. Otherwise, we might as well bring him back to fight the good ones Avengers 5.

Hawkeye now streamed on Disney +.

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