Hawkman’s ultimate attack could destroy even Superman

Most DC Comics fans may consider Superman to be above Hawkman’s weight class, but Winged Wonder is more than a match for Man of Steel.

He can be one of DC Comics‘most story heroes, but few fans would describe Hawkman as one of its most powerful – despite the fact that his greatest attack could falter Superman himself. Carter Hall has been a hero ever before Superman was even born – in fact, he was even a colleague of Krypton’s Jor-El. But in a battle with Superman, age and experience would actually tip the battle in favor of the winged wonder.

While Carter and Clark have met each other a few times before, Hawkman has yet to let go of the last son of Krypton. Luckily against his old ally Idamm in Hawkman # 10 by Robert Venditti and Bryan Hitch, Carter has no such reservations. And by demonstrating his full power, Justice Society’s former president proves he can beat far beyond his weight class.


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Hawkman # 10 finds Carter in battle against the forces of his old ally Idamm – a fellow warrior from Hawkman’s first life – and his army of winged Deathbringers. To begin with, Hawkman seems hopeless in the minority, except for the help of the witch Madame Xanadu. The invading army besieges the city of London as the hero is almost helpless to stop the slaughter of innocent people. Although Hawkman saves as many as he can, he is still overwhelmed and outcompeted by Idamm’s forces until he finally understands the purpose of the recent flashbacks he had had in previous lives. While Idamm rejoices over him, Carter uses his connections to his past to bring each and every one of his former selves forward to the present as a new army of heroes thinking for themselves. “I’m a man. And I’m more.With the help of his many past lives, Hawkman is able to end the Deathbringer invasion just a few problems later, but this strategy raises an interesting possibility if Hawkman should ever find himself facing an enemy as powerful as Superman.

Carter’s ability to bring his past into battle is relatively new and shockingly powerful. Not only does such power give Hawkman the overwhelming advantage in terms of sheer numbers, but some of his past iterations are also incredibly powerful. While Carter is very formidable in his past lives, even as a simple human, he has lived as a new god, a Kryptonian and even Dragon of Barbatos – all powerful forms with lots of firepower to use against Superman if need be. arise.

Clearly, this is not the type of move Hawkman can perform on a regular basis. It takes a lot out of him, but in a fight against Superman, the stakes would be appropriately high. And by combining their sheer numbers, firepower and millennia of experience and tactical genius, Hawkman would definitely give Tomorrow’s Man a run for his money.

Hawkman has lived countless lives and now he is more than able to use it fully to his advantage. Even against an enemy as powerful as the superman, DC Comics‘Winged Wonder is more dangerous than anyone expects. Hopefully, Superman keeps Hawkman‘s good side.

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