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Here are the recommendations on civil rights review that Facebook has rejected

Meta, the social media conglomerate formerly known as Facebook, rejected recommendations from a civil rights audit to direct user reports of voter interference to moderators and let users appeal content from voter interference that they reported and were not removed.

The company says it has implemented 55% of the recommendations on civil rights from a review carried out in July 2020 performed by civil rights expert Laura Murphy. Meta’s civil rights team was formed as a result of the audit and has grown to 9 full-time employees, one company blog posts explained Thursday. The company is still considering 7% of the recommendations.

Meta faces public scrutiny of what some lawmakers are as an apathetic approach to the political and social damage the company is causing. Leaked documents from whistleblower Frances Haugen have focused on the technology giant. Murphy himself described Haugen’s claim against Meta as “deeply disturbing“in October. Meta’s report on its progress on civil rights serves as a way of addressing public concerns while describing what changes the company is making.

Forwarding all voter interference reports to content controllers to make a decision may inadvertently delay our review process, making us less effective at removing large-scale voter interference content. ” said the report. “Since the vast majority of content reported as voter interference does not violate company policies, it does not build a process for appealing this specific reported content.”

The company formerly known as Facebook tracks progress in civil rights auditing. Meta

The company has put recommendations “under evaluation”, including the introduction of mandatory systems to address bias in artificial intelligence and machine learning models, as well as the publication of data related to diversity and inclusion efforts. The company highlighted changes that are being made as a conclusion targeted advertising on sensitive issues, voice registration efforts and Meta’s improved recruitment practices with regard to diversity.

This report marks the beginning of the Civil Rights Team’s path to improving the protection of marginalized communities and demonstrates our commitment to moving towards greater equality, security and dignity on our platforms, “the blog post, authored by Vice President and Vice General Counsel for Facebook’s Civil Rights Team Roy L. Austin, Jr. said. “Meta is committed to that development and its long-term progress.

Here is a list of all the civil rights recommendations that Facebook has refused to implement or is still evaluating:

These descriptions are taken directly from Meta’s report.

Algorithmic bias

  • Implement mandatory, rather than voluntary, enterprise-wide systems, processes, and guidance to avoid, identify, and address potential sources of bias and discriminatory results when developing or implementing AI and machine learning models; require all model building teams to follow comprehensive best practice guidance; and regularly test existing algorithms and machine learning models
  • Introduce mandatory training in understanding and mitigating sources of bias and discrimination in AI for all teams building algorithms and machine learning models

Status: Under evaluation

Content moderation

  • Include more detailed information in the report on the enforcement of Community standards on the type of hate speech reported and removed from the platform, including information on the groups targeted at
  • Improve the transparency and consistency of content moderation appeal decisions
  • Collect event policy enforcement data to identify how long it takes Facebook to remove infringing content (and whether these response times vary based on the type of content or group targeted), and use these metrics to identify patterns , holes or areas for improvement; capture data so that new peaks and trends can be identified quickly and systematically; invest in further investigations and analyzes of hate on the platform and commit to taking steps to address trends, policy gaps or enforcement issues and to understanding how different groups target hate, how well Facebook warns content reviewers about the specific ways in which violation content manifests itself towards specific groups, how to more quickly identify and eliminate attempts to organize events designed to intimidate and harass targeted groups, and where Facebook could focus its improvement efforts

Status: Under evaluation

Diversity and inclusion

  • Publish data and feedback related to D&I efforts from quantitative and qualitative assessments, feedback from surveys and focus groups, and third-party research in the annual diversity report so that the civil rights community and the general public can better understand the effectiveness of the company’s programs and initiatives; develop data and measurements to assess the effectiveness of inclusion and D&I integration efforts, including whether / how Facebook’s initiatives, policies, trainings and tools designed to promote inclusion and D&I integration have influenced employees’ experiences or have translated into progress in cultivation an inclusion culture

Status: Under evaluation

Elections and census

  • Provide additional data regarding voter repression on the platform, including information about the groups that this content is targeted at
  • Revise content policies so that Facebook’s policy banning calls to exclude people from political participation based on protected characteristics is applied to posts by politicians, even if the post is considered “newsworthy”

Status: Under evaluation

  • Start directing voter interference user reports to Content Controllers to determine if reported content violates voter interference policies and should be removed
  • Allow users to appeal if they report content that they believe violates the voter interference policy, but the content reviewer determines that there was no violation

Status: Rejected

Here are all the civil rights changes that Facebook has rejected or is still evaluating

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