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House of Secrets Series takes place with Chris Columbus at Disney +

Movie Maker Chris Columbus is no stranger to family-friendly fantasy adventures, having written the script for Gremlins and The Goonies in the 1980s, and then directed Harry Potter‘s debut on the big screen and recently Christmas Chronicle 2. Now Columbus is adapting House of Secrets to Disney + from his own trilogy of novels, which he co-wrote with Ned Vizzini back in 2013. The new series is being developed by the director with his 26th Street Pictures partners, Mark Radcliffe and Michael Barnathan, but it’s currently too early in production to guess when we’ll get to see the series arrive on the Disney + platform other than to say it’s likely to be a few years.

“Chris, Michael and Mark tell stories that resonate with multiple audiences, across generations and genres that deliver a sense of magic and wonder through definitive characters,” said Ayo Davis, Executive Vice President for Creative Development and Strategy at Disney Branded Television. . “There is such a great sense of belonging to their acclaimed films and we are delighted to work with them to develop them. House of Secrets into an exciting Disney + series. “

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Columbus was inspired to write the novels after seeing the impact the Harry Potter series had on children and young adults, and he considers it a kind of cousin to The Goonies, who never got his own successor. The story follows the three Walker children, Cordelia, Brendan and Eleanor, who are not happy when their parents decide to buy the spooky Kristoff House, and it does not get any better when the house is torn down by the mysterious Dahlia Kristoff, who claims to be the “Wind Witch” and daughter of the house’s original owner, Denver Kristoff. Suddenly, the children realize that they are no longer in the real world and instead are trapped in a story written by Denver Kristoff and must find a magic book through dangerous and crazy adventures if they hope to escape back to the real world.

Columbus originally worked on the premise as a manuscript called The stone of time, but at the time there was no way to make the film without costing too much to be produced, so he decided instead to take the idea down on a new route. With no previous experience writing novels, Columbus entered into a partnership with Vizzini, and after collaborating via email, the couple came up with a 100-page section, which was picked up by a publisher in days of speculative broadcasting. After obtaining some advice from Harry Potter creator JK Rowling on character development, the novel was published to a mostly positive set of reviews. The entire trilogy was previously slated to be adapted into a film in 2014, but while filming was set to begin in January of that year, it never happened.

Disney has added a number of major fantasy projects to their streaming slate recently and apparently tried to catch up with similar Netflix and Amazon, which have recently taken on a number of major fantasy series, including the upcoming Lord of the Rings series from the latter. As their franchise is burning on all cylinders at the moment, it seems that House of Mouse is now looking to add more potential franchises to their catalog, and in principle House of Secrets seems to be a perfect fit. Just do not expect Chris Columbus to see their Home Alone restart. This comes to us from The Hollywood Reporter.

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