House Rules foil Marjorie Taylor Greene’s bid to block debate over $ 1.2T infrastructure bill

Rep. On Monday, Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to call for a proposal to postpone the house, a tactic that the fire conservative has previously used to delay votes, but this time the house rules derailed her efforts.

Mrs Green’s proposal never came from the ground up because she offered it before Parliament officially began the legislative day, which requires praying a prayer and reciting the vow of allegiance.

“I do not even understand it myself. It’s like we did not pray or promise, therefore you can not make a proposal to postpone, according to the MP, “Mrs. Greene, a Republican in Georgia, rumored to The Washington Times. “This place just does not work like the real world, unfortunately, that’s why we have so much debt. … Who likes to have so much government debt? If we ran a company like this, none of us would be in business, we would all be bankrupt. ”

On Monday, the House raised the first of two major spending bills, a two-part $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that has already passed the Senate. Parliament is expected to address Mr. Biden’s $ 3.5 trillion Social Welfare Act.

Mrs Green’s procedural stakes in the debate extend her feud with Democrats.

House Democrats used their majority to force Mrs Greene out of her committee duties back in February.

She began preventing legislative action on the floor by calling for repeated motions to adjourn, prompting members to drive to the floor of the house and cast ballots by name. The legislative delaying tactics angered Democrats and some members of her party.

“It’s too much. So simply, I would like to make a proposal to postpone, and I think it’s silly that I can not do that as an elected member of Congress representing the 14th District of Georgia, simply because we do not has made the promise or the prayer, “Mrs Greene said in her remarks on the floor.” As you can see rules in Congress, it just does not work, because the rules here in Congress allow everything to continue to go downhill and hurt people who pays taxes. “

Democrats are currently in a race against time to pass both spending measures this week as well as adopting a stopgap spending measure by Thursday to avoid a government shutdown.

Should Mrs Greene or another legislator return to the floor during legislative proceedings and request a proposal to postpone, it could cause further delays and problems for Democratic lawmakers who want to negotiate a spending measure that could pass the Senate.

Mrs. Greene returned to the floor to make remarks two hours later, after the House had recited the prayer and made the promise. But before she could be recognized, the house went back to recess, and Mrs. Greene returned to the GOP wardrobe.

She told a floor worker: “I have no committee. I have all day. ”

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