How Doom Force will be different from Doom Patrol in season 4

At the end of Doom Patrol season 3, Cliff Steele tries to name the team Doom Force. This is more than a joke and could set up several new characters.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Doom Patrol season 3.

In it Doom Patrol season 3 finale, “Amends Patrol”, the team name Doom Force is mentioned in a potential setup for the introduction of new characters and Dorothy’s return in Doom Patrol season 4. Throughout Doom Patrol The TV series as the show has attracted characters from all over DC comics, especially including Dead Boy Detectives in season 3, which appeared in Neil Gaimans Sandman graphic novels and not in Doom control comics themselves. “Doom Force”, however, has a much closer connection to the original comic book source material.


By the exit of Doom Patrol season 3, Doom Patrol has reunited and agreed to be a super team working forever, now with the help of Laura De Mille / Madame Rouge (Michelle Gomez). Excited about the announcement that they will be working as a super team, shouts Cliff Steele – now in the body of Mr. Nobody’s giant robot – from the outside “I got our team name: Doom Force!“As they embark on their first mission, tunneling through Earth with the time machine, Cliff shouts again”Doom Force!“leads the rest of the team to shout humorously”None!

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This entertaining line from Cliff Steele is not just the throw-in joke it could immediately look like. Doom Force was a stand-alone parody cartoon in which Grant Morrison mocked both Image Comics and Morrison’s own narrative style. “Doom Force” takes place in the near future and explores a new team that has replaced Doom Patrol with a similar set of strange forces and tragic stories. While Cliff Steele’s renaming of the team to Doom Force could simply have been thought of as a joke, the deep-cut reference may well work on creating new arrivals in Doom Patrol season 4, as the show has not backed away from obscure characters in the past (such as Beard Hunter). Here’s all you need to know about Doom Force and what it might mean for you Doom Patrol season 4.

Niles Caulder – The Head

Doom Patrol Laura De Mille Madame Rouge Niles Caulder

After his death in the beginning of Doom Patrol season 3, Niles Caulders (Timothy Dalton) head was taken from his body by Willoughby Kipling (Mark Sheppard) and brought back to some version of life. The head was able to talk to Laura De Mille before he was eventually fed to Doom Patrol to cure them of their zombie status. Though this might have seemed strange, even know Doom Patrols standards, there is comic precedence that Niles Caulder is a disembodied head. IN Doom Force the future version of Niles Caulder is no longer known as The Chief, but instead simply The Head. His severed head is held in a giant ice cube floating in a large drinking glass complete with a decorative umbrella. While The Head has no powers other than still alive, he continues to run and manipulate the new team of heroes, the Doom Force.

Dorothy Spinner – Spinner

Doom Patrol Force Dorothy Spinner

Doom Patrol has already introduced the young Dorothy Spinner (Abi Monterey), daughter of Niles Caulder, who traveled in season 3 to travel with Danny the Ambulance and Dead Boy Detectives. In the future, she became a member of the Doom Force by using the name Spinner as an adult woman. In it Doom Force comics, Spinner has the power to exploit people’s fears and bring their nightmares to life and can also manipulate matter with her mind. While she is a child in the timeline for Doom Patrol, Dorothy could easily return as Spinner in Doom Patrol season 4, potentially with a new actress, as season 3 introduced time travel, and it has already been suggested by the events of season 2 that Dorothy may not age in the same way that other people do.

Kenneth Most – The Crying Boy

Doom Patrol Force The Crying Boy

The rest of the “Doom Force” members have not yet appeared or been mentioned in Doom Patrol. Kenneth Most is known as The Crying Boy. He has the power to manipulate probability. Specifically, when he cries, he can cause unlikely and problematic events for his enemies. The “Doom Force” comics showed that this could range from their close friends dying, to simply being outbid for a house they are trying to buy. The Crying Boy got his powers when he absorbed the accident from a magic painting similar to the painting That Ate Paris, a version of which appeared in Doom Patrol season 1 and season 2 where Mr. Nobody and Beard Hunter were captured.

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Doom Patrol Force Shasta Living Mountain

Grant Morrison has always been a fan of creating characters with powers that are not always as useful as a meta-human could hope for. Shasta, Living Mountain has the ability to become a full-size mountain. Oddly enough, this included the addition of details to itself that turn out to include ski lifts and live skiers. As a mountain, he is extremely strong, but is not invincible, as evidenced by Doom Force comics when he is killed after turning into a mountain to make a plane full of villains crash into him, saving the day but dying in the process.

Danii Melvin – Flux

Doom Patrol Force Flux

Danii Melvin is an Australian who was taught to be able to access dreamtime and use it to transform into anything she wanted. This gives her some powers similar to Laura De Mille; however, her powers have a higher potential. While she can become something as large and complex as a mall, she can also simply become the ordinary absence of an object that creates gaps into which things can fall. By using her powers, she is able to give in. even wings that give her the ability to fly.

Morgan Morgan – The Scratch

Doom Patrol Force The Scratch Morgan

Morgan’s origin story is shrouded in mystery with rumors suggesting that he was once a great and well-known superhero, but after accidentally killing a civilian, he began working anonymously under the name The Scratch to seek reconciliation. The Scratch has a number of tools attached to his knuckles with which he can break down anything into its components. The Scratch also has extreme durability that allows him to survive normally fatal conditions, a force that, when paired with his knuckles, makes him an obvious parody of Marvel’s Wolverine.

While Niles Caulders The Head hardly appears after the destruction of his body, Doom Patrol could easily signal that the rest of the Doom Force characters can show up. Dorothy’s season 3 story with Dead Boy Detectives leaves the door open for her to return significantly changed by her journey. Doom Patrol season 4 has a lot of potential characters to bring back from previous seasons, but they might be about to add some more.

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