How Green Lantern’s most powerful enemy can cause a cosmic civil war in DC

A strong DC force can be responsible for the attack on Oa – and can trigger a galactic conflict if it is revealed.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Green Lantern # 8, now on sale

The mystery at the heart of the stream Green lantern run has centered around the fallout from the attack on Oa. By robbing Green Lanterns of their power and authority, the few remaining lanterns have been dedicated to finding the truth – but it turns out that the culprit may be closer than anyone has ever been aware of.

Green lantern # 8 (by Geoffrey Thorne, Crisscross, Marco Santucci, Juan Castro, Michael Atiyeh and Rob Leigh) revealed a new main suspect in the destruction of Central Power Battery on Oa – and it turns out that it could actually have been an inside job continually.

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Koyos and Nemosyni with the Green Lanterns of the Guard of Honor

The attack on Oa has been a serious blow to the cosmic corner of the DC Universe. Most of the Guardians have been left in a state of limbo after the attack, and the destruction of the Central Power Battery has removed the forces from all but a handful of green lanterns across the cosmos. Jo Mullein remains one of the only lanterns still active, and she has taken the lead in the investigation of what happened. In collaboration with the Coluan representative of the United Planets, known as Peya Fel, the two use a lot Green lantern # 8 examines records of the Guardians from shortly before the attack. Their search sheds light specifically on Koyos (The Guardian murdered in Green lantern # 1) and his co-guard, Nemosyni.

It turns out that the couple were opponents of the recent new Guardians and had secretly been working on their own command against theirs with the Guardians intentions. There is no clear indication of what they were doing or what they were fully planning. Two years before all this, it turns out that Koyos was taken to visit Zerox, a world of wizards (some of whom would later continue to attack Oa and kill Koyos). Meanwhile, Nemosyni ventured to Earth with an unknown purpose. While Jo sets off to deal with the chaos on Oa, Peya continues her investigation – and is on the verge of a discovery that potentially ties Nemosyni to Qwardian weapons, as Nemosyni sneaks up on her and blows her up with a wave of Green Lantern energy.

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Green Lantern Guardian Nemosyni

The fact that Nemosyni is up and moving – and strong enough to knock Peya out with ease – while the other guards are still trapped in a painful limbo, puts her in a very suspicious light. The fact that she and Koyos were in opposition to the Guardians gives her an obvious motive for wanting them removed from the board, and makes her an obvious suspect for the attack in the first place. The destruction of the Central Power Battery would take a person with an enormous wealth of power – something along the lines of the energies controlled by the Guardians. Likewise, having access to the central power battery is something that only a Guardian will readily possess – so it actually makes a lot of sense to have a Guardian to be a prime suspect.

It’s a potentially devastating revelation, as this would indicate that a Guardian Civil War may be on the horizon. The Green Lantern Corps has already been shattered and scattered, and having the Guardians facing each other (if they survive their current state at all) could result in a galactic conflict that no one is really prepared to fight with. The United Planets would probably intervene and throw even more chaos into the potential battle, only making things worse by trying to impose a certain level of control on the situation. A rogue Guardian is always a big threat – and it looks like Nemosyni could have been deadly enough to surprise the rest of the galaxy.

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