How Peter’s Double (Pugachev) Survives in the Big Season 2

One of Peter’s body doubles, Pugachev, escapes death throughout season 2 of The Great. But the season finale seems to stretch his luck too far.

Warning: Contains spoilers for The big season 2.

In the last moments of The big season 2, Pugachev manages to survive a stabbing intended for Peter, but it is now clear how – however, a number of theories could explain it. The big often does not take himself too seriously and has been happy to deviate from concerns about strict historical accuracy. However, The big the season 2 finale takes a bizarre turn by getting Peter’s doubles to defy death.

Throughout The big season 2, Peter (Nicholas Hoult, X-Men: First Class) is protected from potential assassination attempts at the coup by a team of body doublers appearing at various points. In the end, only Pugachev (also Nicholas Hoult) is left alive, the double that is known to be the only good double that Peter has. Pugachev is used as a stand-in to allow Peter to leave his apartments to pursue other hobbies without his absence being apparent. But then Catherine decides to kill Peter in the end The big season 2, she stabs Pugachev several times in the back instead of before collapsing in grief. As Peter shows up and he and Catherine embrace each other, they look on in shock as Pugachev gets up and walks away mumbling about how bad it hurt.


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Pugachev is regularly used as a form of comic relief The big season 2, by using his rude attitude and tendency to steal things as a juxtaposition to his intended station. His final death along with the rest of Peter’s doubles would provide some degree of narrative meaning before he went into The big season 3. Keeping him alive in a mysterious way promises to add some interesting complications. Here are all theories about how Peter’s double survived the stabbing.

How did Pugachev survive his stabbing?

The Great Season 2 Pugachev Peter Stabbed.jpg Going

An important piece of context for Pugachev’s part in The big season 2, and his survival is the question of the historical figure from which Pugachev is taken. While Peter survives the coup The big season 2, in fact, he died (or was murdered) about eight days after Catherine took power from him. About a decade later, the real Pugachev used the dissatisfaction of the serfs to set in motion the greatest revolt that Catherine the Great had to face during her reign.

The movement known as the Pugachev Uprising gained momentum, in part because Pugachev claimed to be Peter III. His claim that he had secretly escaped Catherine’s imprisonment and was not actually dead gave the rebellion a point to gather around, whether they believed it or not. Although it is rumored that Pugachev had a striking resemblance to Peter III, this is probably only an addition from later legend, and in truth he was simply able to disguise himself as Peter because not many people outside the royal inner circle knew , what Peter had looked like personally. The choice to keep Pugachev alive at the end of The big season 2 suggests that Pugachev, now bitter about Catherine for stabbing him, may be leading a version of the Pugachev uprising in The big season 3.

Pugachev was part of Peter’s plan

The great Pugachev Nicholas Hoult

The first and potentially most likely theory for how Pugachev survived the stabbing is that he knew he was part of Peter’s plan. Peter knows Catherine well and admires her ruthlessness. When, in The big season 2 finale, Catherine seems to reconcile publicly with Peter and tells him that she will meet him in his apartments after putting Paul to sleep, Peter probably suspected that she intended to try to kill him once away from the crowds and their child. Therefore, he made sure Pugachev was there with his back to the door as a test to see if Catherine (Elle Fanning, Maleficent) would really kill him.

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Pugachev has managed to survive as Peter’s double for a long time, in part because he is smarter than he may seem. If he was told to stand with his back to the door after the tensions by The big season 2, he would probably try to take some precautions against his own death. For this reason, he may have been wearing some sort of armor or a heavily padded coat. While the blade clearly pierces his skin and draws blood, it is not the large blood syringes that are seen at some points in the show, so a heavily padded coat could have ensured that the attack only resulted in superficial wounds and was not fatal. The main problem with this theory is that Pugachev would only have been sure to survive if she had stabbed him in the back. Attacks on other parts of his body, such as his neck or the use of a gun, could still have been fatal, and he had no way of knowing how she could try to kill him.

Pugachev’s survival is a joke

Fantastic season 2 Pugachev Peter Double

Early in The big season 2, Peter comments that Pugachev is the only good double and it is believed to mean that he looks like him. However, he is also the only double who manages to survive the many attempts to kill him. It is possible that Pugachev’s survival of the stabbing is primarily meant as a joke, with Pugachev being a cartoon character capable of surviving unlikely things that would have allowed him to avoid the death that Peter’s other doubles faced. Ending the season with this absurd joke could have been a good way to break the tension created by the situation between Peter and Catherine, which was set in motion when Peter accidentally killed Catherine’s overbearing mother, Joanna, played by Gillian Anderson, in The big season 2, episode 8. The big describes himself as “a sometimes true story, ”But do not let the story get in the way of the story they want to tell. However, it has tended to stay in the realm of realism, so this departure solely for a joke can be a strange solution to the problem.

Pugachev teases a Rasputin character for season 3

The big season 2 Pugachev Nicholas Hoult

When the idea that a person associated with the Russian aristocracy is unlikely to escape death is raised, the name Rasputin comes to mind. It was rumored that Rasputin was extremely difficult to kill after surviving an assassination attempt in which he was stabbed and came close to death, but recovered, along with various myths about his final murder, suggesting that he was immune to married and took several bullets to kill (autopsies from the time do not support this). Pugachev himself has no connection to Rasputin, and Rasputin did not come until a century after Catherine the Great took power. However, The big have moved several timelines around to have people alive at the same time when they should not be, and with this departure from history, they could easily use Pugachev’s apparent immortality to make him a Rasputin-like figure for The big season 3. Of course, if this was the program’s major plan, Archie (Adam Godley) might make more sense to take on that role, as he already has several similarities with the Rasputin myths of manipulation and sexual deviation, and his The big season 2 arc seems to indicate that an extreme personality change is in store for him for season 3.

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