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How Spider-Man gets his secret identity back in the comics

The first trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home reveals how Peter Parker gets his secret identity back, with a twist taken straight from the comics.

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Spider-Man: No way home trailer and cartoon Spider-Man: A moment in time.

The first trailer for Spider-Man: No way home revealed that Peter Parker will have his secret identity recovered using the same solution he used in the comics; Doctor Strange. This revelation surprised many fans, despite the latter Spider Man movie, Far from home, ends with Mysterio posthumously revealing Spider-Man’s secret identity to the world and the promise that this would be a big part of the sequel’s story.

That first trailer for Spider-Man: No way home showed something about how coming out as a superhero had made Peter Parker’s life more difficult, with the paparazzi chasing him down the street and his relationship with Mary Jane suffering. This prompted Peter to turn to Doctor Strange (whom he befriended during the events of it Avengers: Infinity War) and ask the Sorcerer Supreme if he could cast a spell that would make the world forget he was Spider-Man. Surprisingly, Strange agreed, but the consequences of that magic will apparently have dire consequences that both Strange and Spidey will have to deal with. This is essentially a streamlined version of events in Fantastic Spider-Man comics and how Peter Parker’s secret identity was restored after the events of Marvel’s Civil war.

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Originally, Peter Parker revealed his secret identity to the world on purpose to help Tony Stark promote superhuman registration law. Shortly after, Kingpin attempted to murder Peter and wounded Aunt May vigorously in the process. This led to the controversial One more day story where Peter made a deal with the demon Mephisto to save Aunt May’s life at the expense of his marriage to Mary Jane Watson. Many ignored that the story was based on the fact that the always responsible Peter Parker made a Faustian trade instead of facing the consequences of his actions. One more day due to the many continuity snags caused by the deletion of Peter and Mary Jane’s marriage from the timeline. Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada tried to solve these problems with a sequel to One more day with the title A moment in time, which revealed how Peter and Mary Jane’s wedding played out and how the world forgot that Peter Parker was Spider-Man after the events of Civil war in the new timeline.

A moment in time revealed that Mary Jane had been mortally wounded after trying to protect her aunt Anna from another assassin Kingpin had sent to take the entire Spider-Man family out. Peter took Mary Jane to Doctor Strange for treatment and asked the Sorcerer Supreme if he could make a spell that would rewrite reality so no one remembered he was Spider-Man. After consulting with Tony Stark and Reed Richards from the four fantastic, Doctor Strange agreed to help, and everyone except Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson forgot who Spider-Man was, even though they had already known Peter’s secret identity before he revealed himself to the world.

It was fat for the minds behind MCU to end Spider-Man: Far from home with Peter Parker’s secret identity destroyed. However, it may still be fatter for them to refer to a comic book story as far as despised as A moment in time in Spider-Man: No way home. Fortunately, while it is still uncertain which villains will appear in the film, it seems safe to say the demon Mephisto will not be among them; a fact surely will delight many comic book readers.

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