How This Is Us Season 6 approached Rebecca’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis

This Is Us creator, Dan Fogelman, talks about Rebecca’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s in the premiere of the series’ sixth and final season.

Warning! Spoilers ahead too This is us season 6 premiere.

This is us The creator and lead author, Dan Fogelman, recently talked about the show addressing Rebecca (Mandy Moore), who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and what it will mean for the final season of the series. This is us premiered on its final season on January 4, 2022 after airing five previous seasons on NBC in a total of 89 episodes. Along with Moore, the show stars Sterling K. Brown, Milo Ventimiglia, Chrissy Metz, Justin Hartley and Chris Sullivan.

This is us follows the Pearson family at several times while dealing with the many hardships and complications of everyday life. The show addresses many difficult topics, including family dynamics, parenting, health, trauma, grief and finding happiness. The series has received acclaim from critics and several Emmy nominations for the Outstanding Drama Series, and the final season of This is us has been teased for his emotional ending.


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In an interview with THAT ONE, Fogelman talks about how Rebecca’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, a condition that affects the brain and causes the subject to gradually forget everything, is going to affect the narrative of last season. He talks about wanting to convey the frustrations and fears in the early stages of the condition, portrayed in the season premiere as a kind of “fog” as Rebecca tries to remember a particular word. He goes on to say that the purpose of the scene was to show how Rebecca’s condition is real to her and how it should be treated with the rest of the family going forward. Read Fogelman’s quote below:

“It’s hard to get into the experience of someone suffering from this disease, especially in the very early stages, like Rebecca. So there was a lot of conversation and talk about how we should tackle this very first step. It’s not a place we’re going to live in constantly, in this current part of the series I’m very interested in Rebecca having moments with her family that she is aware may be fleeting, as opposed to just living in the early stages of the progression of her illness.So when we do, we want to do it right.We want the audience to feel the frustration she feels and the fear that she feels.So it was something that was talked about a lot and who was very careful trying to get it right in this episode. “

This is us Rebecca Randall

As for the other storylines, Fogleman also comments on Metz ‘Kate, saying that the dissolution of her marriage to Sullivan’s Toby will be gradual and full of good intentions, saying it would be true to the characters. He also discusses Brown’s Randall character and how his bow involves him going into charity work after confronting the man who robbed his home, and how it will lead him to become a rising star in politics, reflecting how he is not able to help his mother but can help others. Finally, he touches on Hartley’s Kevin, and how his bow will reflect how he has grown over the past few seasons.

After All, This is us will end, as it began, as an emotional but optimistic bid for the normal problems of an average family. Fogleman has said there are no plans for anyone This is us spinoffs, indicating that the audience should enjoy the company of the characters while they can. With the same creative control as before, Fogleman is shaping up This is us for the emotional ending that viewers demand.

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Source: EW

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