How to customize Pixel 6’s on an instant widget on the Home screen

The Pixel 6 series comes with an At A Glance widget that provides useful information at just the right time. It can be moved from top left to any side.

That Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro gets the absolute best Google Assistant experience, and the ‘At A Glance’ widget is one of the most valuable ways that artificial intelligence (AI) can help. It may not be well known that users can customize the features and even the location of the widget can be changed by moving to another page or just a little lower on the first page if it suits the user better.

Google has always given its Pixel phones the best AI features available on Android, and the Pixel 6 series is even better as it uses the Tensor chip. Google designed its first mobile processor specifically to enhance the AI ​​features of the Pixel 6 series for language processing as well as image processing. AI is used throughout the system for more mundane but equally important tasks, such as maximizing battery life and alerting the user to essential details at the perfect time.


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Google’s At A Glance ‘widget usually looks like a small date and temperature view at the top of the first page of the home screen. It is actually much more powerful than that and it is capable of displaying valuable data at the ideal time, such as traffic conditions when departing for a commute, flight information at the airport, alarms about severe weather and much more. Android makes it easy to customize what appears in this Pixel 6 widget just by tapping and holding the widget. A menu will appear and pressing ‘Customize’ will open the home screen options. If you tap the gear icon next to ‘At A Glance’, location settings and several shifts activated by default are displayed. Users can turn off all unwanted options.

How to move the widget at a glance

The Pixel 6 series has an advanced widget that identifies upcoming events based on time and place, and provides useful information at the ideal time. Unfortunately, while users can move most widgets, the standard ‘At A Glance’ widget is firmly in place at the top of the first page of the Home screen. While this is generally a good, highly visible place to have it, Android offers options for moving the widget. It just requires a few extra steps.

Pixel 6’s standard ‘At A Glance’ widget can be turned off using the same home screen settings, but tap ‘At a glance’ instead of the gear icon on the right. Then the user can add the widget on any page and any location just like a regular widget. Tapping and holding anywhere other than an app icon or widget opens a menu, and tapping ‘Widgets’ displays the complete list. The ‘At A Glance’ widget is in the Google section and can be dragged into the page wherever the user wants. The manual widget takes up the same amount of space by default Pixel 6 widget, but uses a horizontal layout instead of stacking the date on top of the weather.

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