How to find (and capture) Gligar and Gliscor

Gligar and Gliscor are two exclusive Pokémon that players will need to collect in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl to complete their Pokédex.

Gligar and Gliscor are two Pokémon that players must collect Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl to complete their Pokédex. Gligar was originally introduced in Pokémon gold and Pokémon silver have a Gold exclusive to be traded to owners of Silver. It was also a catchy Pokémon in the enhanced remake, Pokémon Crystal. Gligar’s developed form, Gliscor, was only introduced much later Pokémon diamond and Pearl was released almost seven years later Gold and Silver.

Both Gligar and Gliscor are Ground and Flying types, an interesting combination that affects their weaknesses and resistances in Pokémon. Being part of the Ground type means that both Gligar and Gliscor have immunity to electric-type movements, which would normally cause a Flying-type Pokémon to receive twice as much damage from the basic power of an electric-type attack. Since Gligar and Gliscor are both flying and terrestrial, however, they have little or no chance against any Pokémon that knows an ice-type feature.


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Similar to its exclusivity in Gold, Gligar is a Pokémon that can only be captured in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond. Pokémon Shining Pearl players will need to have Gligar traded to them to receive both Gligar and Gliscor, but luckily both versions allow coaches to develop Gligar for Gliscor without further trade. Gligar is only an exclusive Pokémon in Brilliant diamond and shiny pearl, but any player on both versions of the game can get Gliscor.

Gliscor’s best feature in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Gliscor's best feature in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Gligar is a rare Grand Underground alley Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and can be found in Bogsunk, Sunlit and Swampy Caverns. After conquering Gligar, players can develop it into Gliscor by having it hold a razor at night. Razor Fang can be found in the southwest corner of Battle Park as an item on Earth or purchased from Battle Tower for five Battle Points in both Brilliant diamond and shiny pearl. This means that players with Shining Pearl switching to Gligar can also easily develop it for Gliscor.

Gliscor is a very desirable Pokémon to use in competitions Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl because it has an incredible set of moves to choose from, and its hidden abilities are one of the most unique abilities of all Pokémon. A typical Gliscor user will always have Earthquake and Roost, and because Gliscor has great defense stats, it will be challenging to take down. Gliscor’s Hidden Ability, Poison Heal, can be unlocked using an Ability Patch in Pokémon BDSP. Poison Heal allows Gliscor to automatically regenerate health after being poisoned. For this reason, most trainers will give Gliscor a Toxic Orb to hold because a Toxic Orb will automatically poison its wielder after a turn. Furthermore, Gliscor will continue to regenerate health even if Toxic Orb is turned off, unlike the Leftovers item that stops benefiting Pokémon after they lose it.

These are some of the best features and stats for Gliscor, according to the Pokémon website Smogon:

  • “Defog” Gliscor Moves: Earthquake / Defog / Roost / Knock Off or Toxic
  • “Defog” Gliscor EV Stats: 244 HP; 52 Defense; 76 Special Defense; 136 Speed
  • “Stealth Rock” Gliscor Moves: Earthquake / Stealth Rock / Toxic / Roost
  • “Stealth Rock” Gliscor EV Stats: 244 HP; 52 Defense; 76 Special Defense; 136 Speed
  • “Sword Dance” Gliscor Moves: Earthquake / Facade / Roost / Swords Dance
  • “Swords Dance” Gliscor EV Stats: 244 HP; 244 Special Defense; 20 speed

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Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are available now on the Nintendo Switch.

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