Humankind mods allow you to conquer Tamriel, Azeroth, Mars and the Swiss

Amplitude Studios’ 4X strategy Humankind was released just three months ago and only received its first beta modding tools earlier this month – nonetheless, modders are already offering some really great deals, including remakes of popular sites like Skyrim or Azeroth or completely new factions … including the Swiss.

Adaptation tools for humanity arrived on Steam on November 5, right on the heels of the latest Fabius Maximus update. Although Amplitude confirms that the mod tools are still in beta, stressing that players need to “keep in mind that these tools are unfinished and we’re still testing them”, there are already some great mods for humanity out there.

The most popular mod type seems to be various expansive maps that recreate some familiar locations. Modders have already put together maps based on The Elder Scrolls’ Tamriel, Warcraft’s Azeroth, the Warhammer world based on the Total War: Warhammer series and even a terraformed Mars.

A large number of different starting cultures are also added to the game, even for specific eras. Some impressive ones include the Chinese Han Empire, the Thracians – which boasts the first courage to have “a unique 3D device with a custom icon” – Atlantis, Canadians and several eras for the Swiss for some reason .

There are also more technical mods, including a reworking of the colonization trigger into advanced balance mods that change costs, population, and more. The modding scene for Humankind is clearly getting hot, and we imagine it will get even hotter when the mod tools are finally released out of beta.

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