Hyperions Dirge, Divine Bridle and Aberaku guide

Hyperions Dirge in an Enkanomiya World Education Genshin Impact. It has several parts, though the mechanics mostly involve acquiring bids for a shadow named Aberaku, followed by a short battle. Here is ours Genshin Impact Hyperon’s Dirge Guide To Help You With Aberacus Offers And Divine Bridle Rewards.

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Genshin Impact Hyperions Dirge, Divine Bridle and Aberaku Offerings guide

Aberakus Deals – Dainichi Mikoshi

Use the central fast travel point in Dainichi Mikoshi and make sure it is Evernight. Then jump down the west side and you will see two Ruin Guards and two Pyro torches. Turn them on and enter the passage.

Inside you will find Aberakus’ shadow. Talk to him to start Hyperion’s Dirge mission Genshin Impact.

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The task requires three Aberakus offerings spread across Enkanomiya. If you are out exploring the region, then there is a good chance that you have seen odd rock formations with Sigil markings. Three of these places are part of “queries” and you will also meet Aberaku. When you hit the short meetings in these areas, you will receive Aberakus offer.

Note 1: Each location requires a Seal of each type / symbol. Unfortunately, I have not noted the exact types of Sigils that can be acquired in all areas. What I can suggest instead is to pick up most of the ones that show up on your mini card. Ideally, you would like three of each Sigil to complete the next parts.

Note 2: Aberaku only shows up when it’s Evernight.

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Serpent Inquiry – Serpent’s Heart

  • Location: East of the southern fast travel point on the main land mass
  • Enemies: Abyss Mages

Genshin Impact Hyperions Dirge Aberacus Deals Divine Bridle 3

Narrow Inquiry – The Narrows

  • Location: Slightly east of the northwest fast travel point
  • Enemies: Bathysmal Vishaps

Genshin Impact Hyperions Dirge Aberakus Deals Divine Bridle 1

Temple Inquiry – Evernight Temple

  • Location: West of the central expressway
  • Enemies: Rifthounds

Genshin Impact Hyperions Dirge Aberakus Deals Divine Bridle 2

The divine rein

Once you have all three Aberakus offerings, return to the little chamber under Dainichi Mikoshi and place them on the altars. This will lead to a short film.

You will then see a sphere that causes you to be zapped and float all the way to the top of the tower. There you can talk to Aberaku. He will give you the divine rein and you will complete Hyperion’s Dirge mission Genshin Impact.

Note: The Divine Bridle is used to complete another mission called Phaethons’ Syrtos.

Gen Pct Enksec Hypabrdiv 3

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