‘I survived the biggest psychological fear campaign in human history’

Cliveden Literary Festival 2021

Cliveden Literary Festival 2021

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Candace Owens is stuck with the COVID-19 vaccine … no surprise there, right?

However, her recent comments on the life-saving drug have the internet up again. Owens took to Twitter on Oct. 26, where she defended heavyweight boxing champion Floyd Mayweather for taking sides with The Nets’ Kyrie Irving in the midst of his vaccine controversy.

“A slave mind follows the crowd” … Now all the media dogs are behind @FloydMayweather because he has like me and @KyrieIrving, took a firm stand against vaccine mandates, ”tweeted the Fox News correspondent. “Dear government: we are not your slaves anymore.”

The Daily Wire podcast host’s comments come after Mayweather’s recent support for Irving, whose basketball career is in limbo at the moment due to his decision to give up the vaccine. For Irving, who is currently under a $ 136 million 4-year contract, that decision could be costly. The NBA has previously issued vaccine mandates requiring all home players to be vaccinated. That means Irving is missing out on upcoming games in San Francisco and New York because of the league’s tight policies. He was also barred from attending HSS training. According to New York Post, Irving could “lose over $ 400,000 for every game he misses.”

“I respect you for having some integrity and being your own man,” Mayweather said, applauding Irving for his unwavering decision to remain unvaccinated. “A free mind makes its own choices. A slave-bound mind follows the crowd. Stand for something, or fall for anything … I hope your actions encourage many others to stand up and say that enough is enough.”

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In a follow-up tweet, Owens then revealed that she is still unvaccinated.

Update: I’m still unvaccinated. I survived the greatest psychological fear campaign in human history. I choose to operate with a frequency above fear. I see our media and governments for what they are now: powerless without our incessant fear. The emperors have no clothes, “she wrote.

Twitter followers criticized the controversial expert for apparently “bragging” about her vaccination status.

One user wrote: “This is a bit like bragging that you did not use a seat belt and came home just fine … It’s great, no one wants you to crash, but if you do, the best odds are that survive using a seat belt. And that’s the case with the vaccine. ”

While another person commented: “It’s fine, choose to stay that way, but be wary of people who are much more susceptible to the virus, then mask up and social distance around people you do not know. Your choices should does not result in the death of other innocent people who may not have the choice to be vaccinated. “

Some people have argued that it is not right for high-profile stars like Irving and Owens to spread misinformation about the vaccine because of their celebrity status, but what do you think? Do they have the right to stand firm in their decisions? Tell us below.

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