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Injection molded silicone parts for under $ 50

You have probably seen many tutorials on making silicone parts using 3D printed molds online. The vast majority of these methods use a simple pouring method to fill the mold. This depends on careful degassing and gentle slope to reduce the presence of bubbles in the final result. [Jan Mrázek] has, however, worked on an alternative method, which allows for injection molding at low cost in the home store.

The process depends on the use of printed resin molds. [Jan] notes that this generally requires the use of condensation-curing silicones, as additive types do not cure well in resin molds. The condensation silicone is mixed, degassed and poured into a standard cartridge. From there, it is installed in a silicone air gun that uses compressed air to force the silicone out of the nozzle and into the waiting mold.

It is basically using a lot of home appliances to make a cheap injection molding solution for silicone parts. [Jan] notes that there are a few mods needed to shape the design to suit the process and that 400-800 kPa is a good pressure to inject the silicone at.

Getting the silicone injected under pressure is great for complex shape designs as it forces the material into all the little tricky hooks and hooks. Of course, We have also seen other methods of making silicone parts before. Be sure to sound in the comments with your own favorite techniques for making high quality silicone parts. Video after the break.

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