Inside the Beltway: Why Democrats Leave Office

Nearly 30 congressional Democrats – yes, 28 to be exact – have decided not to stand for re-election and are leaving office. In contrast, only 14 Republican lawmakers are planning their exit. It is both a cultural and a political moment.

“The list of outgoing House Democrats includes several committee chairmen, a signal that veteran lawmakers are seeing the writing on the wall and expecting to lose their hammer blows,” noted a practical new analysis from National Public Radio.

There is a straightforward reason for the emigration. The voting public is apparently “awakened” to the fact that the Democrats have strayed from their mission to represent the people.

“A new Politico / Morning Consult poll has bad news for the House Democrats. Republicans are leading the way in the generic ballot and have significant guidance on the issues most important to voters,” noted a straightforward survey of polls by the National Republican Congressional Committee.

“Republicans in Congress have a double-digit lead over Democrats on the economy (47% -34%),” the analysis said.

They also have a double-digit lead on both jobs (45% -35%) and national security (49% -32%). Republicans in Congress also lead the way in immigration (45% -37%).

“No wonder so many House Democrats are retiring,” advises Mike Berg, the organization’s spokesman.


Former President Donald Trump, you may remember, was a savvy player in the real estate world before winning the presidency way back in 2016. That trend is still active.

“I just spent millions of dollars on the Blue Monster golf course at the Trump National Doral in the heart of Miami,” said Mr. Trump in a statement Wednesday.

Be aware that the “Blue Monster” has nothing to do with the Democratic Party. It really is a golf course.

“The Blue Monster is one of the legendary golf courses in America and is home to prestigious PGA Tour events for 55 consecutive years,” notes a statement from Trump National Doral Golf Club – which describes the course as a “palm-shaded” , 7,608-yard palette of deep, ingeniously placed bunkers, lush Bermuda rue, cunningly contoured greens and a sea of ​​lakes. “

The “infamous” 18th hole is particularly difficult.

The Blue Monster, meanwhile, is one of four color-themed golf courses at Doral Golf Club. Yes, fire. The other three are Golden Palm, Red Tiger and Silver Fox.

All that aside, Mr. Trump some big plans for the upgraded blue lane.

“It’s really incredible what has happened. The Blue Monster is one of the biggest courses in the world, and a favorite among PGA Tour players, ”advised Mr. Trump.

“I will also apply for 2,300 units of luxury housing, retail and commercial space in Phase 1 of Doral. This is perhaps the most exciting development in the country – and the Blue Monster track, combined with red, gold and silver, sets records!” he said.


“Ant surgery.”

The Center for Immigration Studies explains the significance of this new phrase – a trend that is now underway along the southern U.S. border.

“Waves of mass migration at the US border, as the country experienced in Del Rio in September 2021, have been replaced by scattered waves of people organized by the Mexican government. Mexico seems to have adopted the ‘ant operation’ model to remove crowds of tens of thousands from their southern border region, this model refers to an informal tactic by which immigrant smugglers move large numbers of people in small distributed parties and individuals in many single-file lines, so that most evade the authorities’ message, “the organization noted in a new study – found with much more research on


The mission, meanwhile, continues on the southern border. Here’s what happened at a single Texas checkpoint alone, according to US Customs and Border Protection.

“Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents stopped two alleged human trafficking attempts at Interstate 35 checkpoints, resulting in the arrest of over 160 people,” the federal agency said in a local news release released by the federal agency on Wednesday.

“The first incident took place on the evening of January 14 when Laredo North Station agents encountered a tractor trailer at the primary inspection lanes. Further inspection of the shipment resulted in agents finding nearly 100 undocumented persons. The second incident was found “the following day at the same checkpoint. Agents found nearly 70 undocumented people inside the tractor trailer after further inspection,” the statement said.

“The apprehended persons were not wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) when they were found. The persons were given PPE and were medically screened before being treated accordingly.”


The annual March for Life, which takes place at the National Mall on Friday, draws thousands to the nation’s capital to confirm and draw attention to their pro-life beliefs.

However, a quiet, inter-church “pleading protest at Planned Parenthood” is planned for Thursday in one of the organization’s centers – conducted by Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life; CEO Janet Morana; youth outreach director Bryan Kemper; plus other pro-life leaders and activists.

On Friday, the 27th annual Cross Church National Prayer Service – co-sponsored by Priests for Life, National Pro-Life Religious Council and Faith & Liberty DC – will honor lawmakers and pro-life activists from Mississippi and Texas at DAR Constitution Hall.

For an overview of activities, see or


• 45% of likely U.S. voters say the highest priority for U.S. businesses should be to provide high-quality products and services to individual consumers at the lowest prices.

• 23% of voters say that the top priority should be to provide good benefits and salaries to employees.

• 14% say it should make a profit for the benefit of shareholders or owners.

• 9% say that the priority should be to try to stop climate change.

• 8% are not sure what the top priority should be.

• 1% say that the priority should be business resources to pursue social justice cases.

Source: A survey from the Heartland Institute / Rasmussen Reports of 1,016 likely U.S. voters conducted Jan. 5.

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