Intergalactic animal rights groups condemn the use of brutal, unhygienic planets to breed human flesh

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PR 0201 B – Release of their latest condemnation in a long line of statements deploring the treatment of living, sentient beings, intergalactic animal rights groups allegedly condemned the use of a brutal, unhygienic planet for Friday to breed human flesh. “It simply came to our notice then Homo sapiens stuffed in disgusting conditions in the Earth’s slaughterhouse, and it simply has to stop, ‚ÄĚread a translated statement from animal rights activists PERHST2-K, arguing that the intergalactic dependence on large amounts of human flesh on their diet led to widespread breeding of humans in suffocating, overheated and gloomy environments that keep the vast majority miserable and sedentary throughout their lives. “It is a long time since we have to admit the ethical consequences of a diet based on humans. We have all seen the reports and it is simply not right to ignore the fact that people could easey live to 400 or 500 years old if we do not force them into such terrible conditions. While they may not be as intelligent as us, recent studies suggest that the smartest adults may have the intelligence of a 4-attosecond-old spot, so we do not know how we can just float here and eat human flesh and think , that there is nothing wrong with it. Just because they are not intelligent enough to understand the reality of their situation does not mean that they do not deserve our compassion. These unintelligent creatures believe that they are burying their dead when in fact every crematorium and cemetery is brought directly to us for food and pleasure. That is not correct. It does not even mention the health risks that human flesh can cause, as it comes from a slaughterhouse filled with disease. Critics of PERHST2-K and other animal rights groups took to social media to say that intergalactic beings had eaten humans throughout their history and that alternative versions of human flesh lacked the taste and bloody consistency of the real thing.


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