Invasion Flipped Just Cleverly A Classic War of the Worlds Scene

Invasion’s latest episode has just turned up the excitement of the Apple TV + series by flipping a classic Tom Robbins War of the Worlds scene.

Apple TV + Invasion has just turned a classic world War scene in their latest tribute to the alien sci-fi genre. Invasion‘s reception has certainly been lukewarm to date, with many critics citing the series’ lack of action and glacier tempo as fundamental flaws. Apple TV + original shows, however, have undoubtedly been keen to give nod to the genre classics that preceded, with Invasion filled with science fiction movie references spanning the last 70 years.

Invasion Episode 6, “Home Invasion”, sees the Malik family captured by Patrick Mitchell (Michael Harney) and his wife on their ceiling. Patrick threatens the Maliks with a shotgun and holds them hostage, while his wife Kel (Kathryn Erbe) loudly curses the aliens bombing upstate New York. Kels’ increasingly extensive psychotic pause attracts the attention of an unidentified alien who continues to attack the people trapped in the house. Aneesha Malik (Golshifteh Farahani) is forced to protect her family by killing Patrick (and to some extent his wife) while the aliens quietly chase them from below.


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This way Apple TV + Invasion has just turned a classic world War scene using an almost identical series of events for the 2005 film. The basement fight between a mentally frayed Harlan Ogilvy (Tim Robbins) and Ray Ferrier (Tom Cruise) reflects the motivations and actions of Patrick and Aneesha, respectively, indicating Invasion‘s apparent homage to a classic alien invasion story. Simon Kinbergs Invasion seems to have simply swapped a basement setting out with a ceiling, and reversed the initial direction of the alien threat.

Invasion show episode 6

2005s world War watching Tom Cruises Ray Ferrier desperately try to save his daughter Rachel (Dakota Fanning) from massive tripod war machines that have descended from the sky. After losing his son Robbie (Justin Chatwin) in the middle of a military attack on the aliens, a confused Ray and Rachel seek refuge with (Dark water actor Tim Robbins’) Harlan Ogilvy in his basement. It is slowly revealed in subsequent scenes that Ogilvy is mentally unwell, a condition that worsens indefinitely after witnessing aliens harvesting human organs and blood above the ground. Harlan frantically begins to shout, cursing the alien invasion and forcing Ray to kill him before Ogilvy warns the aliens of their presence.

Invasions “Home Invasion” episode is therefore incredibly reminiscent of this shocking 2005 Tim Robbins and Tom Cruise-led scene. Invasion has replaced a damp basement with a creaking ceiling, all other facets of this subplot play out identically. Kel’s mad shout warns aliens in the same way that Harlan does, where Patrick also threatens the Maliks with a shotgun in the same way that Harlan does with Ray and Rachel. Like Cruise’s Ray i world War, Aneesha is forced to let Kel be eaten by aliens and then run over Patrick to avoid the alien killing her family. Although Aneesha still ultimately has to kill the alien with a knife in a way that Ray Ferrier does not, the parallels between Invasion‘s “Home Invasion” and world WarTim Robbins’ scenes are still sharp.

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