Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson will resume work on a new solo album this spring

IRON MAIDENS BRUCE DICKINSON will resume work on a new solo album this spring

In a new interview with Loudwire, IRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson was asked if there are any plans for him to work on a new solo album to follow up on 2005’s “The tyranny of souls”. He replied (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “I’m obviously coming over to [America to] do one man [spoken-word] show [beginning in late January]. When I get to the end of the one-man show at the end of March, the idea is that I have about three weeks to cool my heels somewhere. I want to lie down in a dark room for a few days and recover after the trip, and then put on my singing head and go and have a chat with [longtime collaborator] Roy [‘Z’ Ramirez]. Because we already have a lot of material, but we need to organize it a bit. We have demos and everything, but we need to organize it a little more properly and be a little more serious about it – maybe write a few more tunes. And so basically let it be Roy. [Once] we have what we want to do, he can go out and start making backing tracks and that sort of thing. Of course I’m going on tour with MAIDEN [later in the year], but we did ‘Tyranny Of Souls’ The path. ‘Tyranny Of Souls’ was not made exactly remotely – yes, a little distant because I was not physically present when some of the backing tracks were finished, but he sent me backtracks and I listened to them and said, “These are cool.” And some of them I wrote the words for backtracks, and the tunes and all. And some of them we had already done. So mixing and matching that way sometimes gives great results. “

Back in December 2017, Dickinson said his next solo LP would likely include a reworked version of “If eternity were to fail”, the opening track on IRON MAIDEN‘s 2015 disk “The Book of Souls”. At the time, he said he had already written about “half” of his seventh record, and he also confirmed that “If eternity should fail” was originally written as one Dickinson solo spor.

He told Finland Chaos on TV that the original plan was that his next solo album should be “an entire concept album, which should be named ‘If eternity were to fail’. And ‘If eternity were to fail’ was the title track to my new solo album, “he said.” And a little like [Dickinson‘s 1989 solo song] ‘Bring your daughter to the slaughter’ [laughs], it was commanded to IRON MAIDEN. So if I was making another solo album that I think I want, I might just stick to my original plan and have it as the title track. I mean, I wrote it – it was the first issue I wrote for it. So yes, I would probably still include that song. But it would be … the feeling would be a little different – though not very much – from MAIDEN version.”

In 2015 Dickinson told France Hard force magazine it “If eternity should fail” ended up being used by IRON MAIDEN after bassist Steve Harris heard the demos that Bruce worked on what was to be his next solo album. “And [Steve] said: ‘It’s a really cool song. Can we use it? It’s going to be the opening song on the album, “he remembered.” And I said, “Yeah, okay.” And he was already writing, I think … He was already thinking ‘The Book of Souls’ as being the title, he told me about the Mayan thing. And I say, ‘Yeah, that’s cool. Okay. Yes, I can see where you’re going. ‘ But in my case, that song was written as part of a story. So the spoken word at the end is the beginning of a story that runs throughout the album. And one of the characters is Dr. Necropolis; he is the evil guy. And the good guy is Professor Lazarus; he raises people from the dead. So that introduces Necropolis in the spoken word. And I asked Steve… I said, ‘Look. Okay. I get the song … ” Because it opens with: ‘Here is a man’s soul.’ ‘Yup. Take it. But what about the end? ‘ I said, ‘Will people understand what this is all about? For it has nothing to do with the Mayans or anything. It has to do with … I would come up with a concept album that does not happen. ‘ [Laughs] And he [went], ‘No no no. It’s just talking about souls and everything, and that sounds great. I said, ‘Okay.’ [Laughs]”

Dickinson got his recording debut with IRON MAIDEN on it “The number of the beast” album in 1982. He left the band in 1993 to pursue his solo career and was replaced by Blaze Bayley, who had previously been lead singer in the metal band WOLFSBANE. After releasing two traditional metal albums with ex MAIDEN guitarist Adrian Smith, Dickinson rejoined the band in 1999 along with Smith. Since then, Dickinson has only released one more solo album (the former “The tyranny of souls”) but has previously said that his solo career is not over.

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