Iron Man Just Crossed a Line the MCU is Scared to Even Approach

Iron Man just crossed a line that even the Marvel Cinematic Universe was afraid to approach, as he deals with doing the unthinkable.

Warning! Spoilers Iron Man # 18 by Marvel Comics

After killing some of his closest friends and other Marvel heroes, Iron Man just crossed a line he never would in the MCU. In a new preview for Iron Man # 18 by Marvel Comics, Tony Stark looks in horror as those who tried to help and stop his new powers from going out of control lay dead in front of him. For Iron Man, it’s one of the worst mistakes he’s ever made.

In the current Iron Man run, Tony Stark gained the powers of a god after stopping Korvac in space, as he was imbued with the Power Cosmic. After returning to Earth, the “Iron God” used his powers recklessly in attempts to be the world. He gave the entire city of New York his intellect, which created new innovations but supervillains as well. Stark was literally playing god when some of his closest friends (and Doctor Doom) tried to intervene and stop the hero from using his god powers. However, the armored hero lost control and killed them all – melting Silver Surfer and even murdering War Machine. The rampage was so bad it made the MCU version of the character’s mistakes look tame in comparison.


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In a brand new preview for Iron Man # 18 by Marvel Comics, Tony Stark sits in the blood and broken pieces of his friends. Silver Surfer is melted into the ground, War Machine’s neck is snapped as his head faces the wrong way, and Gargoyle is in piece after being turned into stone and broken. Unlike in the MCU, Iron Man’s new god powers made him lose complete and utter control as he killed everyone trying to help and stop him.

Iron Man

Iron Man

Iron Man

Patsy Walker confronts Iron Man about what happened, with Tony telling her he can fix the problem and bring them back with his power – even making them remember like it never happened. However, Walker brings up a good point, telling him he can not operate like his actions do not have consequences. Iron Man makes a rare admission that he often creates conflict with his friends and makes them his enemy because he often sees them getting in the way.

Iron Man

Iron Man

Make no mistake, killing his friends – even if it’s reversible – is one of the worst things Iron Man has ever done, including his biggest mistakes in the MCU. However, as Patsy Walker mentioned, he can not just ignore what happened and fix it with his powers. He needs to understand the line he crossed. Readers will see how Tony Stark deals with his biggest mistake when Iron Man # 18 by Marvel Comics comes to comic book stores on Wednesday.

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