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Cody Rhodes believes that All Elite Wrestling thrives because it does not operate under a unique focus.

All Elite Wrestling Executive Vice President and current TNT champion Cody Rhodes recently sat down with Josh Shernoff for FITE TVs FITE in focus to discuss various topics. When asked to name his favorite pay-per-view that the company has put on so far, Rhodes named this year’s All Out and the first Double or Nothing pay-per-view. After answering the original question, Rhodes went on to explain why All Elite Wrestling was thriving now, noting that it’s good that they offer something for everyone who watches, and not just focus on one thing, which some people have previously suggested.

“I actually think it’s probably a really good sign that my two favorite pay-per-views, one of the ones I was not on, and it’s most recently All Out, where Bryan Danielson joined us, Adam Cole joined us, “said Cody Rhodes. “The pay-per-view and then of course the original Double or Nothing. I know which pay-per-view in my mind I thought was softest. I never thought a pay-per-view we published was weak in any way, especially bell the bell, but the original Double or Nothing, there was a feeling like no other in that energy and what it was and what it could be and its constant development since and then to have, three years later, All Out, where great free agents, not just the surprises, but the bell-to-bell content of that show was significant.And I think something for everyone.

“I know that I am a bit in the minority in terms of what I like in wrestling. I like storytelling and interviews. I will use WrestleMania III as an example. I like Hogan versus Andre. I also like Steamboat Savage, but I still like Hogan versus Andre better, and I love Steamboat versus Savage, but I know there are wrestling fans, and there are people in the management, there are people who like the latter. more, and that’s what I like about AEW there really is something for everyone and you will hear all these other luminous wrestling figures tell you that you can not. ‘You have to have one single focus’ and I think it’s just BS. We do not have a single wrestler on the list. It is a very diverse palette. The table has many different dishes on it, and I think that is really good for fans. ”

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