Jack Reacher’s first look pictures show Alan Ritchson as the star of Amazon’s new series

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Lee Childs Jack Reacher is about to be reborn as Alan Ritchson takes on the title role for Amazon’s new series. Weekly entertainment recently dropped a collection of Jack Reacher first look pictures where the protagonist looks as if he is ready to conquer the world.

“Lee created a beloved character, and I thought it was a big challenge to try to help make that character live on TV.” showrunner Nick Santora (Prison escape) Narrator THAT ONE. “I knew I always wanted Lee there to make sure everything about Reacher and the story was exactly the way he wanted it. If Lee liked the product, we did it right.”

While Child was pleased with Tom Cruise’s portrayal of Jack Reacher in both the 2012 and 2016 films, he admits that Impossible mission the star does not exactly fit his mental image of the character. “I really enjoyed working with Cruise,” Children told THAT ONE when it was announced that a new actor would play the character for Amazon’s new series. “He’s a really, really sweet guy. We had a lot of fun and he works really hard and he takes it really seriously. In your downtime you do crazy things with him, but in the end readers are right: the size of Reacher is really, really important, and that’s a big part of who he is. ”

Alan Ritchson, Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher, Amazon Prime

While chasing a new Jack Reacher, Child was immediately taken to Ritchson’s audition. “This guy stepped on screen and had this silence and mix of threats and goodwill that is always confusing at Reacher,” Child said about Ritchson’s presence on screen. “If he is going to be your friend, you are very lucky. If he is not to be your friend, you are very unlucky. All of this had to be conveyed simply through attitude, mood, appearance – and Ritchson had it right away. “

The new Jack Reacher First look pictures make Ritchson look just as scary as the character described in the 24-book series. To prepare for the role, Ritchson says he read every book in the collection and ended up becoming a super fan in the process. According to Ritchson, he was so enthusiastic about the books that meeting Child made him feel starstruck. Ritchson also admitted that the battle choreography required for the show was an undertaking.

“I felt scared to learn the battle choreography,” he admits. “This fighting style, I was on my heels and wondered if I could handle it. It’s so accurate … We rebuilt myself as a fighter. Some of the fights we spent a month and a half learning are only three minutes on screen, but fans deserve to see someone move, like a killing machine like him can. “

Jack Reacher Series, Alan Ritchson
Jack Reacher, Amazon Prime Video
Jack Reacher, Amazon Prime Series

The new Amazon Prime Video series is ready to make its streaming debut February 4, 2022. The first season is based on the events of Child’s 1997 novel Killing Floor. Presented as an origin story for the Jack Reacher character, the story finds Jack accused of having committed murder and trying to prove his innocence. Before long, a conspiracy unfolds that will require Jack to use every trick in his arsenal to solve.

Hot fuck! It sounds like it’s straight to the right leg. Do you want to check out Jack Reacher when it lands on Amazon Prime Video? Tell us in the comments section below.

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