Jada Pinkett Smith recalls the initial reaction to the reading matrix script

Niobe actress Jada Pinkett Smith remembers her first reaction to watching The Matrix storyboards, saying they looked like Japanese anime in live action.

Jada Pinkett Smith remembers her first reaction to reading The Matrix script. The actress starred in the second and third films in the series, The matrix reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, as Niobe, member of the resistance movement and captain of the ships Logos and Logos II. Pinkett Smith’s husband, Will, was originally cast in the lead role as Neo, eventually starring Keanu Reeves. Now both have returned to restart the franchise, The Matrix Resurrection, which will be released on December 22 in theaters and on HBO Max.

Written and directed by Wachowski Siblings, 1999’s The Matrix was a groundbreaking science fiction film that is often credited for launching cyberpunk craze. In its career-defining role, the film finds Reeves as a computer hacker who discovers that humanity is unconsciously trapped inside a simulated reality created by intelligent machines to keep humans docile while living off of them for energy. Once unlocked for the truth about the Matrix, Neo and others are able to defy the laws of physics and easily upload various skills and abilities to their repertoires.


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During a recent discussion with THAT ONE, Pinkett Smith recalled her initial reaction to reading the script for the original Matrix film from 1999. Although Pinkett Smith only starred in the two sequels that followed, her husband was ready for the role of Neo. This gave her the chance to see storyboards for the film, which she compared to Japanese anime. Read what Pinkett Smith had to say below:

I remember I got storyboards when they wanted Will to play Neo. I thought, “Man, this is really revolutionary. It’s like Japanese anime [but in] live-action. “It had never been done before. I’m a big Japanese animation fan, so from then on they had me. When they called me to play Niobe [for the 2003 sequels The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions], I did not have to read anything. I was in.

MBTI personality types of the matrix characters

Wachowskis took considerable inspiration from Japanese animation as they devised their approach to The Matrixs action scenes. The director duo has not been pale in admitting the great influence of Mamoru Oshii’s classic anime from 1995 Ghost in the shell have had on The Matrix. The franchise even received an animated companion in 2003 written and produced by Wachowskis, called Animatrixen, which consists of 9 animated short films that provide background history to the film’s universe.

The Matrix Resurrection is exclusively directed by Lana Wachowski, her first in the series without her siblings, Lilly, though there is no reason to believe that the fourth film will not feature more of the anime-inspired action that made the original Matrix so loved. Judging by the trailers, it seems to Resurrections will. Although it still has to show if it can regain the spirit in The Matrix, or disappoint like the two previous successors did.

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Source: EW

  • The Matrix Resurrections (2021)Release Date: December 22, 2021

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