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James McAvoy will never say never return as Professor X

X-Men star James McAvoy does not rule out a return as Professor X in the future, but is also comfortable letting the role go to another actor.

X men star James McAvoy is okay, and will not play the role of Professor X again, but he will not rule out returning one day. McAvoy joined the cast in the 2011 X-Men franchise X-Men: First Class, who plays a younger version of Charles Xavier, a role known by Patrick Stewart in previous films. McAvoy would repeat his role in the 2014s X-Men: Days of Future Past, 2016s X-Men Apocalypseand the 2019s Dark Phoenix, as well as a non-speaking cameo Deadpool 2.

In 2017, Disney acquired 20th Century Fox and thus the film rights to X-Men. It became clear that the characters would join MCU, re-enacted from the characters in the 20-year-old franchise produced by 20th Century Fox. But with many Phase 4 projects creating the multiverse, and with actors from the previous Spider-Man films reproducing their roles in Spider-Man: No way home, many suspected fan-favorite versions of the previous X-Men could appear in the MCU. Among the best choices for many are Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, both Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender as Magneto, and Patrick Stewart or James McAvoy as Professor X.

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However, McAvoy seems to be done with the X-Men franchise and is fine with letting the role go to another actor. In an interview with Collider, Touched McAvoy how he, while there was still more he wanted to explore with Charles Xavier, thinks he had a good run with it. However, he does not rule out returning at all, but leaves the door open that he might one day in the future return. McAvoy said:

“I feel like, yes. I feel like I have to explore, not everything I wanted to explore, because there is always more, for sure, but I had to explore lots of Professor X, and I feel quite happy with what I got out of him as a performer.It’s not saying you never ever will, you will never come back and you will never do it again and all that kind of thing.You never say never, as I think James Bond once said. But I do not chop a little. I will not get worn out and desperately upset if it never happens again. “

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At the time of writing, Marvel Studios has not released any official announcement about an X-Men-related movie or TV series. Kevin Feige referred mutants to the MCU at the San Diego Comic-Con 2019, but since then no news has been announced. Like Spider-Man and the Hulk, Marvel Studios would probably like to restart the franchise with a brand new cast to distinguish their opinion from the version the audience already knows. Given the critical and box-office disappointment over X-Men: Apocalypse, Dark Phoenix, and New mutants, it’s likely they want no greater connection to other 20th Century Fox films than Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool getting a third film at MCU.

In contrast to Hulk star Eric Bana, McAvoy has not ruled out returning to the X-Men series. But after nine years of playing Professor X, it’s understandable that the actor would not be tied to the franchise for a while and have a chance to explore a wide range of roles within a variety of genres. The future of X men remains uncertain, and with a multiverse now available to Marvel, there is always a door open for McAvoy to return to the role of Professor X in a later project if he and Marvel chose to.

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Source: Collider

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