January 6 committee member floats proposals to block Trump from a potential return to the White House

Rep. Jamie Raskin suggested on Sunday that Donald Trump could be blocked from returning to the Oval Office if the Democratic-controlled committee decides on January 6 that the former president was complicit in “organizing” or “participating” in last year’s attacks on Capitol.

The Maryland Democrat, a committee member on Jan. 6 and former head of the House of Representatives trial, said Democrats and those who oppose another Trump term in the White House would have the Constitution on their side.

“Paragraph 3 of the 14th Amendment states that anyone who has sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution who violates and betrays this oath by participating in a revolt and a revolt against the Union shall never be allowed to hold public office. again, “Mr. Raskin said on ABC’s “This Week.”

“It was passed by the Republicans, the radical Republicans, after the Civil War during the Reconstruction period. It was used at the time, and it may actually, depending on what we find Donald Trump did, be a blockade that he could ever run for office again. “

Asked by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos whether Mr Raskin had evidence that Mr Trump took part in the uprising, Mr Raskin quoted Parliament’s second state court case against Mr Trump after the January 6 riots. Mr. Trump was later acquitted in the Senate.

‘The question is to what extent he was complicit in organizing [the riot], ”Said Mr. Raskin. “And that’s exactly what the committee is looking at, as we are fulfilling our task under Resolution 503 to establish all the facts that make up the events and the causes of the events of 6 January.”

Republicans have shown zero interest in using legislation to determine Mr. Trump’s election fate.

Asked about Mr Raskin’s point of view, South Dakota Republican Sen. Mike Rounds told ABC that questions about whether Mr. Trump was involved on Jan. 6 should not be answered by Congress.

“I think this is a matter for the courts to decide, and certainly, if there is evidence there, it will be up to the Department of Justice to bring it forward and move forward with it,” Mr. Rounds. “But again, every single person has protection under that system. The former president also has protection under that system. But that’s something that needs to be decided in the courts, and I do not think that’s something that we need to legislate about right now. ”

Mr. Rounds said he did not consider the Department of Justice to have presented evidence to charge Mr. Trump for committing a crime.

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