Jen Shah's husband Sharrieff Shah's salary revealed! Find out how much he earns as an assistant coach | MCUTimes

Jen Shah’s husband Sharrieff Shah’s salary revealed! Find out how much he earns as an assistant coach

RHOSLC Star Coach Shah's Annual Salary as Assistant Coach for the University of Utah Football Team Revealed

Sharrieff Shah, aka “Coach Shah,” has just entered his 11th season with the University of Utah football team. And according to a few reports, he is doing quite well in terms of his annual salary.

As a wife Jen Shah |, of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, facing charges of money laundering and fraud for allegedly running a telemarking scheme, Sharrieff’s six-figure paycheck has been confirmed as his coaching style for his youngsters.

On a list of the highest paid NCAA football coaches, via USA Today, Sharrieff, a cornerbacks / special teams coordinator, was listed at 211st place with an annual salary of $ 450,000. Meanwhile, according to a further report from Open Payrolls, it was noted that Sharrieff received a total of $ 553,215.17 for the school year 2020, including bonuses, benefits, pension contributions and pensions.

As Open Payrolls noted, Sharrieff’s salary is as much as 683.2 percent higher than the average salary for university and college employees and 738.9 percent above the national average for government employees.

During an interview with The Salt Lake Tribune last month, Sharrieff admitted that when it comes to coaching his talent, he tells it the way it is.

“That’s the worst thing you can do is lie to the babies,” Sharrieff explained. “Do not lie to them. I tell them most of the time that they are terrible and that is the truth. If you play really well, I will tell you that you play really well. ”

“I do not sugar it because sugar is made into sugar cakes. I do not sell them or buy them, ”he added.

While Sharrieff and Jen seem to be in a good place in their marriage today, they underwent a rocky spot before the production it RHOSLC season two and “almost got a divorce.”

“I thought my life was like over,” Jen admitted Lisa Barlow during the premiere episode of season two. “Sharrieff felt that he did not have a positive impact on my life, as if he could not help me. What I did not realize was how I acted, and because I had not completely told him how I felt, it made him feel like he was the problem. And then he was like, ‘OK, I have to leave.’ And at first I thought, ‘OK, that’s just an argument.’ And the next day, a divorce lawyer contacted me. He had already contacted a divorce lawyer. And Lisa, I was devastated. ”

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