John Mayer reacts to fans DM about Taylor Swift, Split

Dear Swifties! John Mayer recently surprised one Taylor Swift fan when he responded to their DM and called them their hateful message.

Mayer, 44, received a message from an Instagram user named @hoeforlouaylor after Swift, 31, dropped out Red (Taylor version) Friday, November 12th. Swift attracted attention among her fans when she brought her bride with her Jake Gyllenhaal – which she dated briefly in 2010 and apparently wrote “All Too Well” about – back to life with the new record.

Although Mayer was not mentioned on the album, he is the subject of Swift’s “Dear John”, which will be re-recorded on Speak now (Taylor’s version).

Live happy John Mayer answers fans intense DM about Taylor Swift

John Mayer and Taylor Swift. Shutterstock (2)

“F – k yourself, you ugly bitch, I hope you get suffocated by something,” user DM told Mayer according to a screenshot shared on Sunday, November 14th. She also sent a heart before adding, “Answer me your bitch.”

The “New Light” singer, who continues to get warmth from the Swifties for his brief relationship with the “Lover” musician between 2009 and 2010, answered with a question.

“I’ve been getting as many messages as these in the last few days,” Mayer wrote back. “I’m not sorry, I just tend to have a curious mind and feel compelled to ask. Do you really hope I die?”

After sharing the screenshot from Mayer with her TikTok followers, @hoeforlouaylor made her videos private. However, the messages have since been shared by other users on Twitter and TikTok.

In one of the page-deleted messages, the tab explained its side of the story via a DM voice message.

“My friend literally dared me to do that,” she said in the recording, apologizing to Mayer. “She’s a Taylor fan, and just like I am. It was a trip. Sorry. I did not expect you to see.”

Mayer assured her it was OK, and asked, “So it’s a fun thing people do without taking into account that I can see it and be affected by it?”

Connecticut natives concluded, “It’s 100 percent OK. Go out and live happily ever after!”

Shortly after, Swift came out Red (Taylor version) and Too good short film that is largely believed to depict her ups and downs with Gyllenhaal, 40, fans quickly turned their attention to Mayer and what can come from Speak now republished down the line.

“No, but she was king for Jake, John Mayer had his name in the song title, he’s dead, I’m scared,” a fan tweeted Friday while wrote another user, “Do not get too comfortable, your day is coming @JohnMayer.”

A third Twitter fan commented: “If Taylor Swift ended Jake Gyllenhaal in a 13-minute film, imagine what she could do about John Mayer with ‘Dear John’.”

Earlier this year, Mayer proved he is not worried about Swift fans and their continued aversion to him because of his stony relationship with the “Back to December” singer after joining TikTok.

“You’re not sure here john,” a TikTok user wrote during Mayer’s first upload in March. Another fan referenced the lyrics to Swift’s 2010 song “Dear John” and wrote, “John, do not you think 19 was too young?”

The “Gravity” singer later uploaded a video of himself mumbling and nodding his head as he pretended to be lecturing, apparently reacting to the hatred. “POV: You blame me and I’m listening to you,” he wrote to the clip.

Mayer shared another video the same day he wrote, “Good night new friends!”

The “Wild Blue” crooner dated Swift from December 2009 to February 2010. Pennsylvania natives relived their romance in “Dear John,” which Mayer later commented on. He told Rolling stones in June 2012 that he “did not deserve” to be called out in a song.

“It made me feel awful. It was a really lousy thing to do,” Mayer said at the time, claiming, “I never got an email. I never got a phone call. I was really taken aback.”

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