Justice League Art teases a very different Batman v Superman Clash

DC fans have seen Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne quarrel, but Justice League Incarnate # 4 teases an alternate Batman and Superman fight.

DC Comics teases a new Batman against Superman matchup too Justice League incarnated.

Artist Jorge Fornés ‘variant cover for the miniseries’ upcoming fourth edition depicts President Superman staring with warm eyes at Flashpoint Batman. The two met for the first time in the 2021s Infinite limit limited series written by Joshua Williamson, where they banded together to fight Darkseid and stop his evil plans for Multiverse and Omniverse beyond. It looks like the two will follow their popular live-action versions and change their friendly relationship to something more contradictory next month.

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The cover of Justice League Incarnate teases a match between President Superman and Flashpoint Batman.

The most famous match between Dark Knight and Man of Steel was 2016’s Batman vs. Superman directed by Zack Snyder. Gets inspiration from The Dark Knight returns, the film featured a climatic battle between Ben Affleck’s Batman and Henry Cavill’s Superman, which was Affleck’s first appearance as the capped crusader long before he was persuaded to leave the role. The film received mixed reactions but is still praised by loyal fans to this day.

IN Justice League incarnated, Thomas Wayne (Flashpoint Batman) and Calvin Ellis (President Superman) have been a friendly version of the world’s finest duo, while the team pursues Darkseid and a crack in the multiverse. Since Ellis spends most of his time on superheroes and running Earth 23’s USA, Wayne gave the hero some advice that he also needs to live, and initiated him to try a relationship with Doctor Multiverse, DC’s newest hero. President Superman and Doctor Multiverse tried to make a relationship work in the following issue, but ultimately considered themselves to be better as teammates.

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Since his return to the DC Universe, Flashpoint Batman has also appeared in more and more projects. After debut in Flash point by author Geoff Johns and artist Andy Kubert, Thomas Wayne returned in Tom King’s Batman drive after the “Button” crossover with Lightning and later arches such as the “City of Bane.” Recently a new project titled Flash point beyond was announced for DC, where Johns returned to write the series with writers Jeremy Adams (Lightning) and Tim Sheridan (Teen Titans Academy).

Flash point beyond becomes John’s first DC series since the Black Label miniseries Batman: Three jokers debuted and ended in 2020. The series will focus on Flashpoint Batman waking up in its home universe, which should no longer exist. To be the call to Justice League incarnated # 4 also teases a member’s death, it’s unclear if the title or teased superhero conflict will lead to Flash point successor.

Justice League incarnated # 4 is written by Joshua Williamson and Dennis Culver, with art by Andrei Bressan and Chris Burnham and head cover by Gary Frank. The variant cover shown is made by Fornés. The edition goes on sale February 1 from DC Comics.

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