Justice League channels Adult Swim in Goofy New Fan Art

Justice League channels animated shows for adults in new fan art. These character designs of the super friends bring out their eccentricities.

That Justice League channels Swimming for adults animated shows intended for an older audience in new fan art. DC’s most iconic superhero team has been reinvented endless times, but this version of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the superfriends gives them a quirk that brings out some of their eccentrics.

While the DC Universe tends to remain seriously tonal in most comic book titles, humorous bids for beloved heroes are never too far away. Whether it’s the third wall-breaking Ambush Bug or the comic Plastic Man, there are many heroes that can probably well be translated into an adult animated series. However, one fan has taken up the challenge of imagining whether Justice League was adapted to such a format.


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Posted on Reddit by Faulksie, the artist revealed Justice League if they were illustrated in an adult animated show, and said, “Here’s the final lineup of Justice League as an adult animated show, by me.” The character designs tribute series such as Rick and Morty, Bob’s Burgers, and even Cartoon Networks Regular show. Faulksies lineup includes Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman and Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern.

While the cynical Dark Knight drinks his coffee, the seemingly naive and overly confident Man of Steel seems to have an idea. Diana Prince seems to be over the dynamics of the team, bored of being among his fellow heroes. Arthur Curry seems to have no problem being on the team, and is just happy to be there, with the opportunity to swim and make friends with people who are specifically not fish. The flash looks he has just finished running, and feels the effects on his body as he waves. He may be able to run fast, but this version seems to be affected by the physical outing. Finally, Hal Jordan appears to be fascinated by his finger jewelry as he admires his Green Lantern ring with raised eyebrows.

Each character design signals the promise of an adult animated series about superheroes. As DC is known for playing with tone in their properties, with series like HBO Max’s Titans coexisting with Cartoon Networks Teen Titans GO !, an adult swimming show about the super friends may not be outside the realm of possibilities. So far, fans can appreciate the promise of what such a show can entail with Faulksie’s cleverly illustrated character design for Justice League.

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Source: Reddit

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