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Kate Middleton pregnant with twins and keeping free from royal duties?

Is Kate Middleton still waiting for twins? Last year, a magazine insisted that Middleton be blessed with a “double baby joy”. We check back to the Duchess of Cambridge.

Kate Middleton resigns from royal duties?

About nine months ago, a magazine reported that Kate Middleton and Prince William shared some exciting news. A source told the outlet that after “trying … [without] good luck, ”Prince William and Middleton announced“ to the family that they are having twins. “But carrying a baby is no easy task, let alone carrying two. So Middleton planned to “take a step back from her royal duties for the rest of her pregnancy.”

The insider went on to explain that Middleton “takes motherhood very seriously.” And while raising two more children “would be scary for anyone,” the source insisted, “Cambridges are not under pressure and are always ready for a challenge.” In conclusion, the insider added that “baby news is perfect timing” when it came time for the couple’s ten-year wedding anniversary.

Kate Middleton to give birth in 2021?

This report is from nine months ago, so where are the twins in Cambridge? The truth is, Middleton was not pregnant then, and she’s unlikely to be pregnant now. Despite the magazine’s detailed history, it did not present a piece of evidence for its claims. Middleton did not give birth, and she certainly did not resign from her royal duties. She and William even went on a royal tour of Scotland earlier this year.

But even more shameful than lying about Middleton’s pregnancy was how the tabloid used the news of Meghan Markle’s latest abortion. Markle announced shortly before this story was published that she tragically had an abortion, but the magazine used Markle’s vulnerability to her. In the play, Markle and Middleton were pitted against each other, making it look as if Middleton was rubbing her pregnancy in Markle’s face. It is obvious that the magazine just wanted to unleash another attack on Markle and had no trouble lying to do so.

Tabloid about Kate Middleton

That is clear In touch can not get his stories right when it comes to Middleton. Last year, the tabloid tried to claim that Middleton violated lockdown laws to spend Christmas with the Queen. Earlier this year, the outlet reported that Middleton was concerned about Prince William’s drinking. Thereafter, the tabloid claimed that people feared for the health of the Duchess after she had suffered a massive weight loss. The tabloid, of course, is not in contact with the Duchess of Cambridge at all.

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