Katharine McPhee claps back at ‘Haters’ by David Foster’s dubious post-baby Bod tribute

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Katharine McPhee has made her feelings about the controversial Instagram post known.

As we have previously reported, David Foster shared a bikini photo of his wife with the eyebrow-raising caption “which baby?” Many came across the caption as it maintained some rather unhealthy patriarchal standards on how women should look after childbirth. In addition, Katharine has a history of eating disorders and told about how it affected her during pregnancy, which made his comment feel particularly insensitive.

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But the new mother is not okay with all the outrage on her behalf. On Wednesday, after David got serious heat for her words, she posted another swimsuit photo on her own page with the caption:

“ok, the press around my husband’s picture he posted of me is so stupid … so I hope this picture helps lol I’m sorry, but we are not sorry. And for all of you who can not handle it, it might help. I have struggled with weight all my 20s and 30. I have gone up and down 10 times. Does it make you feel better? There’s nothing wrong with that – most people do. I lost this baby in weight without dieting. Zero. Diets are the worst and I have not had any pressure from anyone. I have let my body do its thing and found a good workout. That is it. And guess what? I’ll probably have to put on weight again at some point. So what?”

No disagreements from us – in fact, we do not think any of the critics of that post would disagree with her on this. (And BTW, we’re super happy she did not feel pressured by her post-baby booth!) The criticism had nothing to do with how she looked in the picture, and everything to do with how her husband framed the compliment.

She went on to address his words:

“BUT people who freak out over what my husband wrote get a life … Do not get so offended by what people post that have no bearing on your life, and move on. Maybe you should have more an attitude of similar, let’s say … ‘oh that’s nice, he thinks his wife is hot.’ I can not with this overly sensitive society right now.But as Taylor Swift said haters will hate byyeeee ”

We understand where she’s coming from, but it’s ridiculous to pretend that social media has a ‘zero impact’ on people’s lives, especially when it comes to posting from influential celebrities. Not only did the “haters” come to Katharina’s defense, but some also pointed out that the feeling could affect other mothers who do not share the same resources that she has. (For example: access to expensive personal trainers and training hours, the ability to afford regular childcare to attend these workouts, private chefs, the time to focus on oneself without worrying about family needs, etc.)

It’s also nice that the musician “thinks his wife is hot” – but there were a million ways for him to express how beautiful she is without maintaining a beauty standard that is unattainable for many mothers.

Many friends clapped Smash alum’s posts, including her stepdaughters. Erin Foster commented:

“If I can accept that my stepmother looks like that, you should definitely be able to do that. The picture was not changed or filtered and she has not had surgery. You can not shame anyone for feeling sweet after a baby, whether she shares stretch marks or a six-pack. Let her live. “

Umm … okay, again, the critique had nothing to do without how Katharine looked, which was beautiful. That was your father’s comment about it!

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Corresponding Sara Foster jumped in:

“If you had [sic] cellulite and stretch marks on the picture, and the caption was exactly the same as we would all celebrate his post. But you do not do that, and you must not celebrate it. You also had a baby almost a year ago, not yesterday. You’ve worked hard in the gym. Let’s complain about women and men posting 3 weeks of postpartum pictures with their full body lipos, filters and modified apps that make us all feel s ** t. People are crazy. “

Fair point that the 37-year-old gave birth a while ago, but the rest does not follow. If he had written “which baby?” paired with a picture of stretch marks, it simply would not have made any sense!

Do not misunderstand us wrong people, we are down for husbands who compliment their wives at any size or any time in their lives. But it does not hurt to be more aware of how that compliment is worded, especially if it is public and you have hundreds of thousands of followers. Sorry to the McPhee-Foster family, but they really do not address the core issue here.

What do you think, Perezcious readers ??

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