Lady Gaga thinks there is too much attention on her House of Gucci Accent

The pop star who became actress Lady Gaga says she thinks her dedication to the accent of Ridley Scott’s upcoming House of Gucci is sensational.

The famous musician and Oscar-nominated actress, Lady Gaga, says she feels that too much attention has been paid to the accent she adopted to play Patrizia Reggiani in the upcoming House of Gucci. The long-awaited Ridley Scott film has an impressive cast that includes Adam Driver, Jared Leto, Al Pacino, Salma Hayek and Jeremy Irons. The film already receives a healthy amount of Oscar buzz for Gaga’s portrayal of Reggiani.

House of Gucci tells the true story of Reggiani, who married into the famous Gucci fashion family in 1972. Her husband, Maurizio Gucci (played by Driver in the film), left her and their two children in 1985, and in 1994 the couple divorced. But just a year after the couple ended their marriage, Maurizio was shot and killed, and two years later, Reggiani was found guilty of hiring a hitman to kill her ex-husband. Reggiani was sentenced to 29 years in prison and ended up serving 18 years before being released for good behavior. Scott’s films aim to explore the fascinating events that made up Reggiani’s life during this time – a period that she felt made her even more of a Gucci than those born into the family.


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With a story as history as Reggianis, the role is a challenging one that Gaga has apparently taken extremely seriously. Ever since the news spread that the 35-year-old spent nine months without breaking the grade, including accent, the internet has been buzzing with anticipation over a chance to see House of Gucci. But as AND Canada reports, Gaga actually feels that there is too much focus on the amount of time she spent staying in character. Gaga explained the process of becoming Reggiani as something done out of necessity:

“To be honest, I feel like it’s been sensational that I worked on my accent for so long and that I was in character for so long. I think it would have done more of a number on me if I had not practiced it so much. It would have been harder for me to go in and out of the character on the set than to stay in it. “

For anyone who has not yet caught a glimpse of Gaga in action, the new trailer is here House of Gucci featuring some impressive moments from the pop star who became an actress. It also gives a chance to see some of the other performances and how they perform in relation to Gagas. The film certainly has a lot of expectations to meet – especially with the latest hype regarding Gaga’s methodological acting and the end results of that process. Scott has a strong track record when it comes to his films, though this may be due to his highly regarded status as the godfather of sci-fi, with Alien franchise still finding success over 40 years after it started.

But while House of Gucci has been hyped in terms of Gaga’s performance, the trailer does not make the film feel infallible. The driver’s accent and delivery come across as somewhat slack in the few moments he’s seen in the trailer, and even Pacino’s efforts to get an Italian accent raise the question of why the film was not made in Italian with Italian-speaking actors. This may seem like a minor complaint, but it is not a small problem for some members of the Gucci family. Nevertheless, even if the film’s success does not go as expected, Lady Gaga’s performance will certainly continue to receive more than enough attention.

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Source: ET Canada

  • House of Gucci (2021)Release Date: November 24, 2021

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