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REASON: When a colleague claims that a demonic force caused him to kill his family, a deceitful ghost hunter performs an experiment on an ignorant family in an attempt to prove the existence of the supernatural.

REVIEW: There’s a very exciting idea at the heart of the author / director Adam Ethan Crow’s supernatural horror film Lair (see it HERE), but for me that idea was not brought to the screen in the most interesting way possible. A significant part of the 99 minutes of playing time had passed before I was seriously drawn into the story – and it was especially hard to get through the first 20 minutes of the film. That’s because, we spend most of those minutes with a really repulsive character: the fraudulent ghost hunter Steven Caramore, played by Corey Johnson in a way that ensures this guy is as hard to tolerate as possible. Caramore’s associate Ben Dollarhyde (Oded Fehr in a very brief appearance) has been jailed for murdering his family, and Dollarhyde claims he carried out the killings while under the influence of a demonic force triggered by an artifact he and Caramore received. fingers in during their ghost-hunting scam.

There are many more artifacts where it came from, so Caramore decides to perform an experiment in hopes of proving that supernatural forces exist so he can help Dollarhyde avoid prison and ideally benefit from it as well. He has inherited a building in London, so he and his buddy Ola (Kashif O’Connor) put some hidden cameras and some allegedly cursed objects in there, and then rent the space out to a family. From the other side of the aisle, the Caramore family monitors every single movement and looks closely for any paranormal activity. When I saw getting all this set up, I just felt like it would have been more interesting to learn about his voyeurism and the reason for it later in the film, instead of following him all the way.

Lair Adam Ethan Crow Corey Johnson Kashif O'Connor

We finally get time with other people as Maria Engel (Aislinn De’ath) moves into the building with her daughters Joey (Anya Newall) and Lilly (Lara Mount) and her boyfriend Carly Cortes (Alana Wallace). But seeing this bunch is not a big relief, because you have to endure a lot of relationship drama between Maria and Carly. I became more desperate for evil spirits to emerge than Caramore was. Fortunately, they finally arrive – and Caramore has unleashed something quite ugly on this family. Something that will directly murder people and leave blood sprayed all over it. It’s the kind of paranormal activity I like to see in movies, so that was when the movie finally engaged me.

Second half of Lair contains enough horror and intense emotion (including some gain for all the relationship drama we were going to see), it gradually began to feel like sitting through the first half had been worth it. I did not get much enjoyment from the film for a long time, then it shifted gears, and as the closing credits began to roll, I felt like I had been adequately entertained.

Lair Adam Ethan Crow Anya Newell

As uncomfortable as Caramore is to watch, Johnson plays him to hell, so I have to praise him for that. I can not say that I liked any of the characters in this movie, but they were all played well. This is the screen debut for Anya Newall, and she makes a strong impression as a teenage heroine, hitting heads with her parent figures in addition to having to deal with and try to protect her little sister from a murderous entity.

With some adjustments and restructuring, Lair could have been better than it is, but the way Crow told his story succeeded well enough in the end. It’s not a bad way to spend 99 minutes.

Lair receives a digital and VOD release in North America on November 9th.

Arrow in the Head reviews Adam Ethan Crow's supernatural horror film Lair, starring Corey Johnson, Anya Newall and Oded Fehr.


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