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Lana Condor is so much more than that To all the boys‘Lara Jean Covey. The actress, only 24 years old, is a must see. We know her for her starring role in the popular romantic comedy series, but Lana has also added executive producer to her resume. She is working on the upcoming Hulu action comedy film Take out along with Randall Park and the upcoming Netflix comedy series Boo, bitch. On top of that, we will soon see her in a romantic comedy meet sci-fi HBO Max movie titled Moonshot who comes up in the lead role along with Cole Sprouse, who she describes as “a wonderful guy and an amazing friend and an incredible actor . ” Lana caught POPSUGAR while promoting her Pink Unwrapped collection. She told us about learning to produce on site, whether or not we can expect her in it To all the boys spin off XO, Kitty, and how she mentally handles juggling all of her projects.

Boo, bitch is the first show Lana’s produced, telling POPSUGAR: “It was a completely different experience than what I’ve been used to, but I learned a lot and I feel like I’ll never be the same.” She adds that she has pushed herself outside her comfort zone when choosing future projects because her last three years have mostly been about approx. To all the boys. I love that world with all my heart, but when we chose when my team and I were mapping projects for the future, we thought, ‘Let’s just make each one of them wildly different and challenging for you, because you have done the same. ‘”

“[Producing] was very overwhelming because it’s like learning a whole new skill on the job. So it’s the biggest amount of exposure therapy ever, “she tells POPSUGAR. Lana felt she had a crash course in producing on the set of Boo, bitch, she shared. “But it was amazing. And I learned so much, and yes, did it come with its challenges? Definitely. Mainly because I’ve just never done this before. There are so many things I just do not know. But I learned. a lot on the show … I really decided to just let myself be a sponge and just let myself learn as much as I can. ” When it comes to Lana’s producing role on the set of Take out, she says she is “really grateful” to “work with these incredible producers.” Producers Park, Michael Golamco and Hieu Ho are behind the project under their all-Asian production company Imminent Collision, something that was very important to Lana.

“[Producing] was very overwhelming because it’s like learning a whole new skill on the job. So that’s the biggest amount of exposure therapy ever. “

With all of Lana’s upcoming projects, you’re probably wondering: “But what about XO, KittyNetflix confirmed in October that a TV spinoff series about Lara Jean’s younger sister Kitty Song Covey (played by Anna Cathcart) has been given the green light for 10 half-hour episodes. Lana tells POPSUGAR that the spinoff is “frick exciting “, adds:” I lost my mind. Anna deserves it like no other. She’s amazing. She is a wonderful person and an incredible actress. She is, I dare say, the comedy in the movies. She’s amazing. So she fully deserves it. And I’m so excited about her. It’s obviously very fresh. “No further details about casting were announced. Will Lara Jean perform in XO, Kitty? Lana’s guess is as good as ours. “It’s a baby right now, so no one has approached yet. But I’m waiting for the call!” So are we!

Lana’s busyness is admirable – she’s definitely a “can do” type of person! So how does she juggle it all? “When I have to prioritize myself, I need it to be quick and convenient and not feel overwhelming … Even just talking about mental health can feel overwhelming because it feels like such a big thing,” she says. . “With things back-to-back in my schedule and a lot happening, I don’t have much time.” Lana has also taken quick tips for mental health and self-care from Just Press Pause, an initiative created in a partnership with Pink and The Jed Foundation to support people this holiday season. While Lana looks forward to the holiday season, she shares her advice to fans struggling during this time: “No matter how alone you feel, you are not. It is not you. You should fall on your friends, fall on who is around you, lean on them for support. ” She adds: “Do not be afraid to ask for help. There are resources.” You can also check out Lana’s latest project for a pick-me-up. And stay tuned; she will take over in 2022.

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