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Last Night In Soho reveals the exciting next era of Edgar Wright [Fantastic Fest]

This transformation has been a few years ahead. “Baby Driver” saw Wright deliver his first mainstream smash hit, a heist film driven by the soul of a musical. “The Sparks Brothers” is one of the more unique and stylized musical documentaries you will ever see. But “Last Night in Soho” confirms that we have entered the age of Edgar Wright 2.0, an era in which the filmmaker clearly feels a desire to reinvent what people expect of him and his work.

You’re still finding Wright’s touchstone in “Last Night in Soho.” His stories are intricately complicated, with apparently every scene leading to a win that proves worth the wait. He is still one of the most clever scenographers in scene transitions, working today and moving us (and his characters) between places and time periods with either grace and discombobulating power. And yes, his characters still sometimes say one thing and immediately do the opposite, the kind of skewed comedy that has been a trademark since his TV days. But now they exist to serve this story, not to remind you of a dozen others.

I imagine there will be a lot of movie fans wondering what happened to the filmmaker who did “Shaun of the Dead” and why he would do “Last Night in Soho” (and “Baby Driver” and “The Sparks Brothers”). But if there’s one thing an experienced moviegoer like Edgar Wright knows, it’s that stagnant filmmakers are filmmakers who stop being interesting. It’s “Last Night in Soho” for Wright’s biggest movie reference yet. He knows that the filmmakers with the most interesting legacies are the ones who know when to reinvent themselves.

Cue a young filmmaker who builds their name and refers to these recent Edgar Wright films in their tribute first film. They are special enough and unique enough to justify the reaction of another artist. By taking this leap, Edgar Wright has officially done his part to create … Well, the next Edgar Wright.

Read our review of “Last Night in Soho” here. The film will hit theaters on October 29, 2021.

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