Letterkenny Stars discusses season 10’s funniest moments, teasing season 11

Another season of Letterkenny means more adventures for Wayne along with his younger sister Katy and best friend Daryl, portrayed by Michelle Mylett and Nathan Dales respectively. In season 10 of the popular Hulu comedy series, Daryl was reunited with his quebécois ex-girlfriend Anik while enduring several flight capsules in their small Canadian town. After recovering from her epic breakup with Dierks, Katy spent much of season 10 growing closer to her friends and becoming the voice of reason that helped her brother’s products stand.

In an exclusive interview with CBR, Letterkenny stars Mylett and Dales discussed bringing season 10’s funniest moments to life on the small screen. The duo also explored where their characters are mentally throughout season 10 and teased what they hope will come next time for Katy and Daryl in future seasons of the popular Hulu comedy series.

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The first text I got on Christmas morning was not “Merry Christmas” or “Merry Christmas”, but “Letterkenny prostate examination. “Nathan, how was it to film it because it really is one of the highlights of this season.

Nathan Dales: The whole episode was interesting to film, super funny and a lot of laughs. Two things: When Jared [Keeso] and I stand in front of the product stand and talk about why I ran out of the doctor’s office, it killed me and made me laugh to pieces. Jared also laughed a whole lot. It was so amazing. The other is when we’re all in the doctor’s office and you can just see our faces and you’re just waiting to get a giant finger in the butt. It just took forever.

Jacob [Tierney] is such a great instructor and he has these sneaky little tricks to make everything so much more real to you. He said, “When I say ‘finger’, it’s when the finger is inside your butt,” and he just waited that long. You do not know when it will come, and then suddenly you have the silly face on. “Prostate” was my favorite episode, 100%. [laughs]

Michelle, the last few seasons of Letterkenny, we’ve seen Katy walk in the scorched earth and most vulnerable after her relationship with Dierks – at least as much as she wants us to see. What was it like bringing this nuance into season 10?

Michelle Mylett: You said it perfectly, as much as we could see from the fact that she is vulnerable, she keeps a lot to herself and she does not like to expose her feelings often. I think it was nice to see Katy fall in love and show a little vulnerability and a sweet side to her that we had not really seen before. We had not really seen her worry much [laughs]. It was great to see her get her heart broken. Although she remained fairly composed, she was really hurt. That with the burnt earth is classic: you go through a break, get your heart broken and want to get out there again.

This season, we see her take a break and focus on her friendships and being with Hicks, hanging out with Rosie and detaching herself from all the other things that I think are a normal thing that a lot of people go through. It’s fun to see Katy go through this and be more than this incredibly cool girl in short shorts.

Who can still deliver a good kick!

Mylett: She certainly can!

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Nathan, is the hardest thing to film a season, a scene involving the Dyck family?

Dales: Yes, it’s super-difficult because Jonathan Torrens feels that way about him. He’s just looking at you, not even saying a line, and he’s just making you laugh. He just has a funny little jerk over him. His whole being he seems like he was put on our set just to fuck with everyone and he does it so well because he’s so funny. When he delivers remarks, what he says is disgusting, and it makes me and Daryl writhe. He’s very hard to work with in the best possible way because he’s so fun to work with, because he seems like he’s always trying to fuck you, and he’s not. He does his job. He’s right in there and he’s fucking professional, but he’s so funny and hard to work with.

I always have to pinch my thigh so I always have my hand in my pocket during scenes with Torrens because he gets to laugh so much. I always get black and blue out on the thigh from squeezing myself so I do not laugh so much and I do not waste everyone’s time. But it’s awesome, the things with Dycks are damn uncomfortable and super, super-fun. They’re really fun to work with: Sarah Wayne Callies and Jonathan are fun to work with, and of course K. Trevor [Wilson] and Jared is fun to work with too. The whole mix of it turns into a really big laugh party and we have a really good time doing it. They are super funny and he says “Dyck meat” all the time. Every time you get one of these lines, it’s twisted and super fun.

Michelle, if Jacob and Nathan were most looking forward to filming the prostate examination, what were you most excited about filming from season 10?

Mylett: It’s funny because “Prostate” is one of my favorite episodes, if not my favorite episode of the new season, for sure. The way Tanis educates them [smear]As a woman, I thought, “Yeah, this is perfect, and I’m so glad they did this,” because it’s all these boys crying over a finger. I was happy to see it and I was excited to see the episode, it was perfectly made and made me laugh a lot. I like every moment I get to interact with Skids, even if it’s just a little short and sweet in the grocery store and pretending to fight Tyler. [Johnston] and Evan [Stern] and they scream. I think dynamics are really fun to play with, Katy and Roald have this weird beef that is also very tangible and fun to play with.

It’s also really fun to drive a truck. I drove so much truck last summer, with all these boys behind, and it was really fun. I look forward to small moments and outfits throughout, it’s fun!

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Nathan, where do you think Daryl is with Anik? They had broken things off because he could not handle her Instagram, but do you think he has grown and is ready for some québécoi love?

Dales: I think he would tell you he’s definitely ready for it. He would say there is no doubt about it. He is ready to jump in again, diving with his head first at the deep end. All his friends tell him that she is unfaithful to him and that she is stepping out of him and that is it. But Anik smiles a little smile at him and his whole world collapses because of course he wants to. He’s a guy who wants to find love, and it’s pretty clear he wants to find québécoi’s love. He just will not find it. He gets fucked playing left, right and in the middle of Anik because he’s basically a doormat to go on every time she wants to go back and smile a little smile at him.

katy letterkenny

In the end, I hope they find together? Of course it would be very sweet, but I have to say I can not really see it happening. I see it happen as she winds him on, like ice fishing, only to break his heart again, and that’s what’s happening to Daryl, especially to Anik. Kim [Cloutier] is a nice lady and out of Daryl’s league and he was lucky with it and is just getting excited with, for god knows how much longer, maybe his whole life.

With Letterkenny Season 11 already in the can, what can you tease about where your characters go next?

Mylett: With Katy, it’s more of the same. She becomes more and more herself every day. What I hope to see for Katy is that not every person needs to have a relationship, it does not define them, it just does not have to be that way at all. I just hope Katy finds whatever it’s she’s looking for. I think she clings to this youthful city where we are all friends and her brother runs the product stand. I think there may be a time when Katy decides she needs to find her own life and what it looks like for her now. In the meantime, I think she’s just really happy in her world, and I think it’s really refreshing to see someone just be happy. I’m excited to see where they take her!

Dales: It’s hard to get into something about next season because there are so many little things that can give so many things away. Where I would love to see Daryl go is that I would love to see him find some love, it would be great and I would love it. But does not at the same time make a more interesting story for him not to find love and just get stuck with his friends as his all-encompassing, whole world? I’m not really sure! But without giving spoilers, it will be quite fun and a sweet ride … But I would love to see Daryl find love, I think that would be great!

Created by Jared Keeso, all ten seasons of Letterkenny are available to stream now on Hulu.

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